Tuesday, June 29, 2010

They're back!!!!!

This is a picture of De, Zach and the little girl Zach loves named China. She is darling, isn't she??

Here are Blake and Zach leading in worship. You can see Alisha in the front lending her beautiful voice to the singing. The other boy playing guitar is Biruk, the 16 year old who helped the kids all week with translating. He's the one who was attacked by the angry shop owner.

This picture is of Katie's sweet Faskia, Katie and Sammy's sister.

We are so glad to have the kids home! We watched most all of their video and saw almost 1000 photos they took!! I will post a few a day for a while to help put the stories that I've already shared into perspective. They are doing great and have lots of stories to share.

Blake has an all day new student orientation at the U tomorrow, which starts at 8am! It lasts ALL day so hoping the poor guy can stay awake tomorrow.

Thank you so much for your prayer and involvement for Korah. I had a wonderful phone call from a friend from church who wanted information on sponsoring a child for the boarding school! She said she had been reading my blog and wanted to do something to help a kid get out of the dump and send them to school! Praise God for the way He speaks to the hearts of His people!!!



  1. Gorgeous photos! The kids look great! Praise God they are home safe!

    Praying Blake can sleep well tonight and be up for his day tomorrow!

    Love you,
    Who was happy to hear your voice today! Praying with you!

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  3. Love it!!! SO glad they are home and well. I was going to call you and see how they were doing, but figured that you would be watching pics and hearing stories :o)

    Can't wait to see the pics!
    Love Andrea

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