Sunday, June 27, 2010

Korah-Day 12

I can hardly believe the kids' time in Ethiopia is coming to an end. They leave tomorrow at 10pm Ethiopian time, which is 2pm Central time. They arrive at 1pm on Tuesday. Let's do the math...yep, it is 23 hours of travel time-ugh.

The kids went to church this morning in Korah and Blake and Zach played their guitars in worship, which went well.

They are going to try to get to the dump in the morning and then to Korah to say good-bye to their wonderful friends. Katie already realizes how difficult is going to be. Friday, she told Habtamu that she'd be back on Monday to tell him good-bye and he got tears in his eyes.

She is asking for prayer for all for all of them to get everything done that they need to get done tomorrow, like going to the dump, having time to go the Korah and find all their friends, get all their packing done and get to the airport.

I asked Blake if he was ready to come home and in typical Blake style, he said, "Part of me wants to come home and part of me wants to stay."

Katie, when asked the same question, said "It is going to be REALLY hard to leave. But I really want a shower and to be clean, to breathe fresh air and to smell some puppy smell;)"

We are all anxious to see them! I'll share some of their pics here when we get them downloaded and go through them.



  1. Praising God they are doing so well! I will be praying for them tomorrow and on Tuesday!

    Lots of love!

  2. So glad they are coming home...although it does seem like they just left! Goodness. Praying for a safe and easy trip home.
    I know you are going to just soak them up when they get home!!!

  3. Praying for safe travel...knowing that they'll be in the air in a few hours.

    I have thorougly enjoyed following their journey (through your eyes and ears!) and look forward to pictures when they return!