Monday, January 30, 2012

Awkward family photo

You know how at Christmas time you always see awkward family photos?

Here's mine.

Mihiretu was looking through old photos and I never realized just how awkward this one was! Misganaw LOVES sweets...but looks a little creepy about it here.
Noah (his cousin) simply looks bored out of his mind.

Had to share just because it's funny.

Be sure to blow it up for the full awkward effect!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What is she laughing at?

This is one of the ladies employees by Mission Ethiopia. The women make beads for necklaces and also gorgeous ornaments out of mud in the shape of Africa. We enjoyed visiting them while they worked.

When I walked up on this lady I noticed her laughing. I asked her what she was laughing about and she pointed to a picture in the Sky Mall magazine, you know the one in the seat pocket in front of you on every airplane?

This is the picture she was laughing about. It's a picture of a dog lounging on a beautiful bed/couch. She absolutely could not believe that in America dogs sleep on such beautiful beds! I have to tell you...I was pretty embarrassed.

I just smiled, shook my head and rolled my eyes that universally says, "This is nuts, huh?"

The advertisement, which thankfully I don't think she could read says, "All the comforts of a couch, with free monogrammed pillow...starting at $79."

Ugh...don't get me started!

My friend, Eve Pohl is in Korah right now and last year started a family sponsorship program for some of the most needy families there. She mentioned today on Facebook that the greatest need she sees right now for so many people there are beds. There are numerous people sharing one little twin size mattress and many others who sleep on mats or just on the dirt. They desperately need beds and bedding. A mattress there is $50 and bedding $10. She's asking for donations from people who'd like to help. Her ministry is called Hope for
Check it out. I'm very impressed at what's she's doing.

Just think...$60 for a persons bed or $79 for a dog bed, albeit with a free monogrammed pillow. (for the dog who can read?)

No one asked my opinion but I will choose the person every time.