Saturday, June 12, 2010

They graduated!

Katie and De graduated last night! It was a very nice ceremony and I will share pics probably tomorrow when I get a little more time.

Today will be spent helping the kids get packed up and other last minute things. No they haven't started packing AT ALL! I told them they really need to get the suitcases out and get started but that has not yet happened:) They have been busy getting ready for the trip and graduation so I guess I'll have to give them some grace.

I did want to ask for prayer for De. He has a pretty bad sore throat and is feeling not great. Pray that he will get better before he has to get on a plane for 23 hours and also please pray that no one else will get sick. De never gets sick either. So hmmmmm...kind of weird.

They leave bright and early tomorrow morning and then spend the day in Dulles...a 10 hour layover! It was that or leave a little later and transfer planes 3 times before getting to Dulles. So I chose the 10 hour layover. Better than coming up and down so many times! They definitely have PLENTY of time there!!

Thanks for your prayers as they get ready to go serve the people of Korah in Addis Ababa, Ethioipia! They are getting very excited.



  1. Oh goodness, if I had known they would be so close for so long I would have planned a day trip up to visit them. Will be praying for swift, careful, easy packing. Praying for De to feel better, that's no fun at all! And for safe travels!
    Can't wait to hear what God does on this trip!!!

  2. HOW EXCITING! I'm so excited for you and the kids! Oh how I long to go back and spend time with Sammy! I'll be following along on FB for sure!

    I will be praying for their health, safety and to be the pure heart of Christ to all who they meet!

    Love you,