Thursday, June 17, 2010

Korah-Day 3

This is one of my favorite pictures of a little girl in Korah. Look at her feet. She is wearing one crock that almost fits her and a huge pink womans slip on shoe. I really don't know how she kept it on her little foot. This picture speaks to my heart so loudly. I have a child about her age. I cannot imagine him not having decent shoes, especially on such rough, rocky and not-so-clean terrain. Breaks my heart big time.

Here is her sweet face. You can tell she is malnourished because of the light, orange color of her hair. To be honest, I have thought about this little girl a lot since we got home. She brings up a lot of emotion in me. I wanted to finally share her with you.

I had an opportunity to talk with Blake today. It was about 11pm their time. I had tried 3 times before but no one answered. The reason...they went to a MOVIE! What?? Sorry, but I didn't realize there were movie theaters in Addis Ababa. Guess I hadn't thought about it! They get a lot of Indian movies there so I wondered what they saw. Yep...A TEAM, a current American movie. Go figure. They went with some of their new Ethiopian friends.

They had another good day in Korah. Blake said that built mud huts today. They are needed because more kids have been sponsored and they need boarding school training rooms (training how to make beds, etc. and to serve as a transition for the kids from the dump to the boarding school). Katie thinks it's pretty cool that she actually knows how to completely build a mud hut now! They also built bunk beds and painted. Blake carried mud on a tray for the mud hut construction.

They did start the VBS summer camp today. Blake and Zach led the worship music in the church. They played some music in English and some in Amharic. The church was full and overflowing with kids outside.

The boys have had little time to teach the leaders of the church much guitar. They are still so busy with their preparations for the summer camp. Blake said the good new is that a couple of the guys do know something about guitar. How, I don't know. But that will help a lot. They are planning on starting more teaching tomorrow.

Katie said that 3 people had to go to the hospital today. It seems that there is broken glass in the mud they are smearing on the mud huts and a couple people got their hands cut and one guy (Katie thought an Ethiopian guy) got bitten by a dog. So we need to begin praying harder for the safety of the kids as well as the other workers there! Katie said that they weren't doing any of the mud smearing so they didn't have any trouble. She said they are all fine.

Blake, however thinks he's been bitten by bedbugs. He has little red bites and they are itchy. I'm wondering about fleas instead since the place they are staying is CLEAN so I sort of doubt the bedbug idea. However, he's sleeping in another bed tonight, just in case:)

The leaders of the church evidently LOVE De! One guy (the really tall guy for those of you reading this who know him...can't remember his name??) always asks Katie when he sees her, "Where's De?? I miss him! He's my best friend! He's such a good guy and a good worker!" Yes, all these things are so true of De...glad they see it, too. How sweet is that?

Katie has made a special connection with a little girl there. She is always kissing her and telling her, "I love you!" She follows her around all day and is teaching Katie a hand clapping game. Aliya does the same game. She said this girl tells her she loves her about 100 times a day. Precious!

They are doing great, working hard and showing the LOVE of Christ to so many.

Zach has discovered a new love...Ethiopian food!

Thanks for your prayers!



  1. Sounds like another amazing day! thank God none of them were hurt with the glass. Ouch and oh my!

    Praying for their safety and the groups too!

    Blessings and love,
    check out Lexi' new journey

  2. I LOVE reading these updates... sounds like things are going really well. Even not as planned...well not our plan but God knows what He's doing :o)
    I am excited for them all. I am just slightly jealous of THEM :o) in a good way too. :o)
    You know you could come along with us in March if ya wanted. :o)

    Have a good night. Praying for your kiddos!

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