Saturday, June 26, 2010

Korah-Day 11

This is the Addis Ababa city dump. It is directly adjacent to Korah. Many people live here. Not sure if these birds are actually vultures but they are the birds Katie was referring to when she said, "You can always find Korah and the dump from around Addis Ababa by the vultures flying overhead."

I think this picture speaks for itself. Click on it to enlarge.

I talked with the kids today. Blake answered and they were out at a restaurant. I asked Blake how he was and he replied, "Well, I'm kind of grossed out right now." This kid Ben (an American) was with them and eating a dish that was goat fat and what looked like fish eggs. They kept telling him to stop eating it and he just kept on. Hopefully Ben won't be up all night with a intestinal problem!

Anyway, the kids had a down day today and went shopping in the market...the Post Office for those of you who know that spot! Katie got a few things. They ran into that guy, who when they were shopping the last time hit and kicked Biruk in the head. He yelled at Biruk to "get out of here!' Then he began glaring at De. That's just one thing not to do to De. So De began staring him down. The man growled, "What are you looking at?!" De replied, "What did you say?" This is not a question of curiosity like in, "I'm sorry. I didn't hear you. What exactly did you say?" No, it's more like, "What did you just say to me?!" De's not one to back down but Katie is and so she pulled him away and they high-tailed it out of there.

Tomorrow they will attend church in Korah. I'm sure that will be a neat experience. They they are going to ask Sumer if she would take them or arrange for them to visit the dump. I really don't want them to miss that experience as they will never see anything like that again and it is a reality for hundreds who live there. We as Christians should NOT close our eyes to the suffering of others. I, for one, want it burned into the eyes and hearts (and noses) of my kids forever. I don't want them to EVER forget. I don't want them to be consumed with stuff and I always want them to "consider others more highly than themselves."

I told Katie to begin getting their things packed up so they don't have so much to do on Monday, when they want to be at Korah, saying their goodbyes. Jill, I know you have memories of me packing up the in the last minute on the last day before we were to attend the coffee ceremony and leave for the airport! I will admit...that was C-R-A-Z-Y of me to think I could do it all in 30 minutes or less. So I officially apologize for that moment of insanity! But I'm trying to get the kids *not* to repeat that day so hopefully...

Thanks again for your support and prayers!



  1. You are so funny Laura! I don't remember that part at all. I remember the joy and sorrow of us saying good-bye to our new friends at the Guest House. I will never forget those final moments.

    I'm so touched by the journey your children have had and thankful that you shared it here.

    BIG HUGS - my prayers remain for them! Please keep Lexi in your prayers she leaves Monday for Guatemala!


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  3. Bummer that they had to run into the mean shop guy again. Good for De to not back down at last for a moment...good for Katie to help him know when to back down. :) Good pair!
    I hope they are able to get to the dump, I missed that when we went there. I wonder if we can get that in next time?
    Still praying, can't believe it's almost time for them to come home.