Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Korah-Day 9

Isn't this girl adorable? She has such a sweet and inquisitive face. I wonder if she is coming to the kids club?

I talked with Blake and they were out at a Chinese restaurant for dinner! Does that sound strange to anyone else? Anyway, Katie and De stayed back as she is not feeling at all well.

As you know, she has had a sore throat but the other day ate some pizza and thinks the crust scratched her throat badly. I have my doubts but she is totally convinced it is that. She had told me several days ago that some of the Korah kids had strep, so I suspect that is more likely. She feels feverish and exhausted. She and De stayed at the Guest Home today and didn't go to Korah. I know it killed her to do that and that it was a decision that was hard for her to make. I told her to start immediately on her Cipro (antibiotic) so hopefully tomorrow she notices a difference. She said she will NOT stay back tomorrow, no matter how she feels. So pray she feels better, ok??

Blake said they had a good day today at Korah. They did more of the same: painting and building. Zach and Blake have been playing for the kids everyday and the kids LOVE to sing. Some of the songs they play are in Amharic and some in English. They taught the wordless story and made the wordless bracelets today. The kids LOVED them!

On the home-front, we picked up our new puppy just a couple hours ago. We've named her "Tia" but since it sounds so much like Aliya, I'm not sure how long it will last. She really is cute. If I had a camera, I'd take a pic of her but the kids have the camera with them. Aliya is still a little scared of her and thinks she will bite her. Mihiretu has really been good with her, holding her and taking her outside to go potty. I'm really proud of him. Misganaw thinks she's cute but isn't too sure if he can trust her yet not to scratch him. Blake and Katie are sad they aren't here to see her. I think she's cute but ask me tomorrow morning after our first night with her:)

Thanks for your continued prayers for the kids!



  1. Sure praying for Katie!!! Poor girl. :o(
    Funny I was going to ask you about the puppy yesterday. Love that you got her. :o) Can't wait to see pics of her.
    Hoping you get to sleep tonight and still think she's cute in the morning. ;o)

  2. Sorry to hear Katie is sick! We will be praying for her to be healed by morning! Praying for you and the puppy too!

    Love and blessings,

  3. I am enjoying hearing about Korah and the trip. We adopted our second daughter and traveled in January. We met Sammy and got a tour of Korah. The people and kids are amazing. I just wish I could have spent more time. Love your stories. Thanks.

  4. awww we definitely need puppy pics. :) does your phone have a camera? thats what i use as my backup. :P