Sunday, June 6, 2010

Great open house for Katie!

Aliya wearing her "Remember Korah" bracelet. Isn't she pretty? (Remember Korah bracelets are for sale if you want one!)

Grandma Joani is so clever with gifts! De got a box filled with money, all taped together. So when he pulled it just kept coming and coming! He LOVED it! So funny.

The beautiful graduate and her mommy:)

De, Katie and my mom.

When we were trying to assemble the crew, Misganaw grabbed my face and kissed my nose and Jenny caught it on camera. So sweet!

We finally got a new family picture that includes everyone:) De is included because he really is part of our family.

We had a wonderful open house for Katie. The weather didn't cooperate too well but that didn't stop the fun! Five years ago, rain on an open house day would have really upset me but we've been through much worse since then so now it barely fazed us. This is a good thing!

I have to say a few things about my little graduate, Katie. She has been a parents' delight from birth. She has always wanted to please us as parents and cannot stand to ever let us down. Therefore, she's been easy to parent. She's grown into one of my very best friends, someone I can always confide in, someone who knows exactly how I feel at every given moment, someone who gives me wise advice. She loves the Lord, seeks to follow Him, be a good example to her friends and school (earned a character award this year in her senior class), puts others ahead of herself and is a kind and thoughtful person.

We are so proud of her and thankful that the Lord has heard our prayers over the years on her behalf!



  1. Happy Grad!!!
    I WANT A REMEMBER KORAH!!! Where can I get one??? or ten?:)

  2. Hey I want one of those bracelets! What great pictures. You are blessed indeed!
    Love ya

  3. Katie had the bracelets made up to help raise funds for their trip. They are really nice, aren't they?

    Email me (I think you both have my email, right?) and I'll get them to you. She is selling them for $2 each plus whatever shipping is. She has quite a few left to sell if anyone else is interested!

    Glad you like them:)

  4. Kathy FitzatrickJune 8, 2010 at 5:12 PM

    Looks like you had a wonderful day! Congratulations to a wonderful young woman.

  5. "A TRIBUTE TO MY GRANDAUGHTER KATELYN ANNE" As a beautiful, funloving child, and a delight to your family, the years flew by. Your heart was broken to see your Dad whom you worship, fighting to walk again. You learned that God was real when he suceeded. As a teen your friends benefited by your loyalty to them and strength of character. As a young women, we all marvel as your heart heard God calling you back to help the children in Ethiopia. May you keep listening for His voice and direction in your journey's ahead. Love and Prayer for you, Grandma Mack