Monday, June 14, 2010

It's 10:15 in Addis Ababa... *update at bottom*

So why have the kids not emailed yet?? :)

They should have landed at 7:00pm their time. How fun! I can just imagine them going down the escalator, then through the Visa line for their Ethiopian Visa then on to collect their bags (which can take a while!) then through the x ray machine and through the doors to see Zi and Sammy.

Sumer's group of from her church were on the same flight! So they had lots of bags to gather up, load up and get back to the Guest Home. Then get to their room, get situated and get their cell phone which is given to them for their use while a guest at the Ethiopia Guest Home. Best place to stay while in Addis Ababa, by the way!

Then to the office to use the computer to email me the phone number of their cell phone so I can call them. Hmmmm....this could be the problem. With 15 other people who want to do the same thing for their families who are waiting at home and with the slowest dial up in the East ;) it could be tomorrow before we get to talk to them.

I spoke with Sumer a couple days ago and she told me the church is SO excited to have the guitars! She also told me that the summer camp starts on Wed. and on Tues. they will be painting and working on last minute things to get the site ready. She reported that the additional land that was rented for this reason by Korah looks wonderful! It needed some improvements made to it, like some buildings built, bunk beds and desks built to get ready for the kids who are coming to the summer camp from the trash dump. Can't wait to see pics of that!

She also reported that the latrine/toilet that was to be ready is not quite ready. Maybe they can get that completed on Tues, too. I asked her where she was going to the bathroom in Korah and she didn't answer that one! There are no bathrooms there otherwise. Oh, well...when in Korah...

I meant to take pics of the stuff the kids bought to give away but didn't get a chance. They bought 4 soccer balls, 4 frisbees, those little parachute guys, matchbox cars, soccer ball pumps, recorders (like a flute), etc. The plan for these things is that they will probably give them individually to a child who is all alone or in a small group, like the 2 boys we saw playing soccer with the ball they had made from old plastic bags and string up in the Entoto Mountains. (picture above) There are just not enough for all the kids in Korah and if they give to one child, there will be so many sad kids. Can you imagine their faces if you pulled out a brand new black and white soccer ball and gave it to them?? Ahhhhhhhhh, have I mentioned how badly I want to be there?? There is pretty much nothing I'd rather do than that right now. It just thrills my heart!

I will update when I speak to them, probably tomorrow.

Thanks for praying for them.


Don't you just love Facebook?? I was on and Zi came on so I got the kids' cell phone number from him. So I talked with them and they all sound like they've been up for 2 days...oh, I guess they have been practically! The flight was fine but no one slept much. So they are exhausted. They are staying in the same guest house we stayed in while we were there in Feb. (there are 4 separate houses there)

They put the boys in a room and Katie in another room. She was freaked out so they moved all their luggage into that room and she climbed in with her brother in his bed. So hopefully they will be out cold and get rested.

They need to be up for breakfast by 7:30 and ready to leave by 9am for Korah. Should be an exciting day!

Until tomorrow...


  1. Praying for you Momma as you wait to hear from them. Praying for them too! remember it is SO hard to get on line there.

    Love you!

  2. Praying for them and that they would do mighty things in His name and for His glory!



    YEAH FOR ZI and the perfect timing to be on FB!

    Praying with you for them to rest tonight!

  4. So glad you heard from them! Looking forward to hearing all about it! I can understand being freaked out a bit! I was a couple of nights while there in a room by myself and I had my big girl panties