Saturday, June 19, 2010

Korah-Day 5

This is Pastor Anthony directing the children in their singing in the Great Hope Church in Korah.

I talked with Blake just now. He's tired, sick and very hungry. So keep in mind, this post comes from that perspective:)

It's noon here and 10 pm there. They were riding in a van, coming from the countryside where there were today. They took about 200 of the kids from Korah out to play in the countryside and visit a man who has a ministry out there. It took them about 3 1/2 hours to get there but Blake didn't know the name of the town or village.

Blake reported that the day was a little disappointing. It seems that the man who has the ministry cooked up a whole ox to feed everyone but it ended up not being enough. The kids were hungry and our 4 have had nothing to eat all day. They have about 2 more hours before they get back to the guest house and can get some of the snacks they brought. I can't imagine they didn't bring any of their snacks but when I asked Blake that, I got cut off and never got the answer to that.

Blake and Katie both have sore throats and raspy voices but no fevers, thankfully. Please do pray for them as it is not so fun to be sick far away from home.

They also had an incident today while on their journey to the countryside in which one of the buses broke down and some seemingly drunk guys with sticks began throwing rocks at it. To protect the kids, the adults got all the kids onto the other bus and they all piled on there to get away. The guys wanted to steal their cameras. Ugh. Thank God they all got away and (Blake thinks) no one was hurt.

There is a couple who is in Korah with the kids right now. Their blog is
You HAVE to check out their entries for the past few days. They have sponsored a girl, Tigist who will moving on Tuesday from some deplorable conditions into one of the mud huts that our 4 kids are working building right now. She will have her own bunkbed. Best of all, she will be safe and not alone anymore. You have to read their entry from yesterday. Oh, my goodness. Your heart will break, I guarantee it. They have some very moving pictures. Please check it out.

I asked Blake if he knows these people and he said they were in the van with him right then. Blake, Katie, Zach and De were there at the time these pictures were taken, even thought they are not in them.

Can I tell you how glad I am that they saw this? I'm sure it was heart breaking for them (because it ruined me for the day just seeing it on their blog) but one of my prayers is that they would become even more compassionate and that they would have a heart for hurting people. Our teenagers and young adults need to see how others in the world suffer so they can have the heart of Christ for people. If they stay in suburbia, how can they develop this heart?

I thank God that for the giving people who supported the kids and made this trip possible for them. I know they are being a huge blessing to them.

The kids' plan tomorrow is to go the church in Korah and Blake and Zach will lead in worship.

Praise God for His good gifts!


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  1. Thanks for the link Laura - I will go read it now!

    Praising God everyone is OK and safe! I will keep praying for their health!

    Lots of love,
    Who is loving these updates! Thank you for doing them!