Sunday, June 20, 2010

If you want the whole story, talk to the girl!

Remember in my post yesterday when Blake said the trip to the countryside was "disappointing?" That was his word..."disappointing." Well, Blaine talked with Katie today and got the WHOLE story. Here it is...

They all did take a trip out to the countryside. They filled 2 buses up with a lot of kids from Korah (Blake thought a couple hundred...not sure on numbers). The Americans (our 4 and Sumer's group) all rode in vans.

When the arrived in the village where they were to spend the day, one of the bus drivers said, "I am not staying here" and he proceeded to empty his bus, turn around and leave! I have no idea why.

There was supposed to be a nice place for the kids to play soccer. There wasn't. Then there wasn't enough food for the kids to eat. Sammy was very, very disappointed. Understandibly so! I'm sure they spent a good deal of money renting these buses, with the understanding of a fun day and food for everyone. Sammy felt terrible!

As evening approched and it was time to leave, some older boys appeared (Katie doesn't think they were drunk). They were carrying big sticks and began chasing the kids from Korah and hitting them with the big sticks! It was total chaos.

Someone yelled, "Get into the vans!" and De immediately picked Katie up and threw her into the van before she knew what was happening. (Do you see why we LOVE this young man??!! Saving Katie first...LOVE HIM!) Sammy was running telling the kids to follow him. Katie said it was so hard to be in the van and hear the kids screaming and getting hit:(

The kids all got onto the one bus and they took off. Oh, my scary!

Thank you, Lord for protecting everyone and that no one got hurt severely.

The boys did want the American's cameras but they did not get any.

Today is Sunday in Ethiopia and the kids were to go to church in Korah but I think, wisely decided to lay low and stay back. They are all exhausted, emotionally and physically. Katie and De have a bad sore throat but are functioning. But they did need rest today and I'm glad they got it. Katie said the kids at Korah are going to chew her out tomorrow for missing today because she promised that she'd be there but I told her they will understand that you were sick.

She and De, Blake and Zach did take a little shopping trip to the market today for a bit. They took Biruk, the sweet 16 year old translator. Katie was shopping for 5 bracelets for some of the kids and the shop owner wanted 300 Birr...too much she said. So Biruk tried to talk him down. The shop owner got angry and took the bracelets out of her hands and told her he would not sell them to her. She said, "Fine, bye" and they walked out. They looked back and Biruk has disappeared. They went back to find him and saw the tail end of this man hitting and kicking him (hard) in the head! He was angry that Biruk had 'cost' him the sale. Oh, my! Katie said Biruk was really hurting.

I don't know if I've mentioned this but my kids travel with armed guards all the's just that they're not usually visible. Thank goodness for guardian angels! Thanks for all your prayers for protection!

Tomorrow it is back to Korah for more construction, painting and such. Sounds like the kids who are attending the boarding school will be able to move into their new mud hut dorms on Tuesday!! But lots of work to do before then so pray for continued strength for everyone. Hopefully, Wed. the kids club will officially be able to start. You know...the best laid plans... You just have to be flexible!

Katie has pretty much decided to sponsor a 12/13 year old girl named Fasika. She was along on the field trip to the countryside. I asked Katie why she chose to sponsor Fasika and not one of the other sweet kids she loves and she said, "We pretty much bonded when we went pee together behind a hut in the countryside."

It seems that they both felt nature calling and Fasika said to Katie, "Come on!" and she began running so Katie followed her. They ended up behind someones home. Fasika looked around, saw no one and proceeded to do her business. Then she told Katie, "Go." Katie said, "That's easy for you to say. You have on a skirt!" Fasika looked around and once again, more urgently said, "GO." (She's going to kill me for telling this!) So Katie very quickly did her business with Fasika trying to cover her with her skirt. Katie said she kept thinking, "I'm sure mine is the whitest butt you have ever seen!" It's a bonding experience!

I have no pictures today to share because I am not home. Blaine and I are away at the cabin celebrating our 24th anniversary, which is tomorrow. Awwwww, I know! Some lovely family members have the 3 youngest and Blaine and I have already buzzed around the lake on the jet ski and now Blaine's getting the boat ready for a night of fishing. He keeps saying, "Man, it is quiet."

Yes, it is:)

Please keep praying. As you can see, they need your prayers!



  1. Holy moly - exciting enough for you!!! YIKES!

    How sad :-(

    We will keep praying!

    Happy Anniversary!

    Love and blessings,

  2. Thanks for all of the updates...what a crazy couple of days!

    Continiuing to pray.

    And, happy anniversary!!


  3. Thank you for sharing... yep gotta get the girls point of view! :o)
    Praying continued protection and safety. Love the bonding experience. :o)

    Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful time for you to have together! Enjoy.