Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Korah-Day 2

This man is known in Korah as "Creeper" because of how he manages to get around on his hands.

He plays the flute out on the streets of Addis Ababa. He is better off than most in Korah as he does get some income from begging.

This is the inside of his house. Remember, he is better off than most. The terrain is so difficult for a leper who has lost limbs to get around on. I would SURE love to find some all terrain-type wheelchairs for these people, some with big wheels that could go over the rocky roads in Korah. It is just so degrading for human being to have to creep along on the ground like this man does. Any ideas??

(Remember these pictures were taken when we were there in January;)

I talked with Blake and Katie today. They were waiting for Sumer's group to pick them up and they were all going to dinner together.

The summer camp did not begin today as planned. They still had work to do to prepare. Today they painted benches and built bunk beds. They spent time playing with the kids and once again, Katie received many proposals for marriage. One boy, after asking her to marry him, must have gotten a little hungry because out of the blue, he bit her on the arm! "Sort of hard," she said. She scolded him and he said, "But I want to marry you." Hmmmmmm.....not a cultural thing I've ever heard of in conjunction with a marriage proposal:)

She's fine...don't worry, Mom!

Blake and Zach had the opportunity to lead worship for the church today. I'm not sure who was gathered there and why but he said the church was full of people. They also began their guitar lessons with the church leaders and Blake reported that it went well!

Katie is assuming that the summer camp will begin tomorrow but was going to ask Sumer at dinner when they went tonight.

Katie's story of the day is that she told me that she held a monkey today! I'm like, "WHAT?" Aliya tells stories of feeding wild monkeys and she tells us that they are M-E-A-N! The story is that Alisha, Sammy's fiance who is in Ethiopia right now bought a monkey on the street today for 100 Birr (Ethiopian money). This is just over $7 (I was wrong on facebook...sorry, I looked it up now;) Katie got to hold it and feed it a banana. She said it's the cutest thing ever! She's keeping it as her pet and named it Rafika. Oh, my goodness!!

Again, don't worry Mom! Sammy wouldn't let Alisha buy it if it wasn't ok.


They were all exhausted and will hopefully get a great nights sleep for all the work that is to be done tomorrow!



  1. LOL!!!! Funny!

    Glad she is OK after the biting incident. OUCH!

    De might just have to step it up a notch and protect his future bride. LOL!

    Blessings and love,
    Thanks for the update :-)

  2. Hope my kids don't get wind of being able to buy monkey's on the street! I would be having monkey requests ALL the time! :)
    Praying for them all. Loving the updates.