Thursday, June 24, 2010

Korah-Day 10

I talked with the kids today and got a great report from Katie...she is feeling MUCH better! Her throat still hurts but is bearable. Everyone is doing well today. They were at dinner when I called at an Ethiopian restaurant that has Ethiopian dancing. They were there with some of the leaders of the church in Korah. The music was playing so loudly that I can't believe they could hear me at all!

Last night, it seems that the Ethiopian Chinese food did NOT agree with Blake and he was up all night with diarrhea and throwing up. Yuck! So he stayed back from Korah today and slept and felt much better after it all was out of his system tonight. He said he should have suspected something when all the employees were in "straight up Mandarin Samuri costumes" in Ethiopia! He was laughing about it but said he will not be eating Ethiopian Chinese anymore. Good call, my son. The weird thing was that Zach ate exactly the same thing Blake had...hmmmm.

So the 3 others spent the day at Korah. They painted again and worked on the huts. The kids club has started but only for 1/2 days until all the work is complete. That *should* be on Monday, which is the day the kids are leaving:( They still have a whole kitchen type hut that needs to be built to cook for the kids who will be spending the summer in the newly built huts with bunkbeds. The boys have been playing for the kids everyday and leading them in singing.

Katie's sweet friend, Habtamu watches over her all day. He makes sure that no other boys mess with her. He's her little protector! Several days ago, she wrote on his hand, "I love you, Habtamu. Love, Katie" and every night he traces over it with a marker so it doesn't disappear!

Another boy, Mohammed gave Katie a necklace-a "gold" one this time. All the kids know which necklace was given to her by which child and come up to her, point to one and say, "Faskia" and point to another and say, "Bayza" and not to the gold one and say, "Mohammed." She is proudly wearing all of them and the kids LOVE it!

Thank you for your prayers. Thank you God for taking care of my kids so far away!


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  1. Praising God for their constant protection and healing over Katie. Praying for Blake!

    Love and hugs,