Monday, June 21, 2010

Korah-day 7

We just talked to the kids. The all reported that they all felt so much better after a day of rest and good, long night sleep yesterday. Blake has lost his voice but at least he is rested.

Today, Blake and Zach did guitar lessons again. He said the 4 guys they are teaching are doing really well. They are learning "Amazing Grace." They also did more mudding and plastering houses, made tables and painted more houses.

Blake said that today while they were charging his computer, they began to hear a sound and then there was smoke and the smell of electrical fire. Ugh, the charger is fried but the computer is fine, thankfully! However, with only 15 minutes of battery left, they will not be able to download their pictures from the day on it. They are taking 500 pics a day so now they will just have to delete the bad ones on the camera. Not a big deal.

Katie told us a little more about her friend, 13 year old Habtamu. He has been hanging around her every day, but is very quiet and always looks so sad. She had talked to him previously about if he wanted to be sponsored. He told her he didn't want anyone to sponsor him. To Katie, he seems like a wounded child and has been hurt and therefore has his defenses up.

Today, he opened up to Katie and asked her, "Would you please sponsor me?" This is a big step of faith for a child who has lived a life of such disappointment. He wants to trust someone and after a week, Katie has earned his trust. She sadly had to tell him that she was already sponsoring Fasika but told him, "Maybe my family would sponsor you." She said he had a smile from ear to ear and was so happy for the rest of the day. Hope is a powerful thing.

So family...Katie told me that she has a few other kids that she's developed a close relationship with and when she gets home, be prepared to be hit up by Katie! And you know she doesn't back down:) Blaine and I are praying about sponsoring Habtamu. I'd sure love for her to tell him while she's there. Blaine and I are already invested in a significnt way in Korah but there is always more we can do. Lord, show us Your will with Habtamu.

Katie told me that today, Fasika came up to her with a little package wrapped in paper in her hand. She handed it to Katie and told her it was something for her. When she opened it, a beautiful silver necklace with an Africa pendant popped out. Katie was flabergasted! She asked Fasika, "Is this yours?" She replied, "It is not mine."

With Biruk interpreting, Fasika told Katie she had bought it for her!

Biruk told Katie, "It's not a big deal. It was only 8 Birr. She only got it for you because she loves you so much."

Katie told Biruk, "It IS a big deal! 8 Birr is a lot for a kid from Korah."

8 Birr is less than a dollar but I'm sure this girl could have used it for something else but I'm sure she doesn't want Katie to forget her. How amazingly sweet is this?

Katie said it is really beautiful and she loves it! Complete selflessness from a girl with almost nothing. Lord, help me to be as selfless.

All the guys LOVE De and are trying to be like him. Biruk is going around saying, "Yo, dude!" Funny!

I had sent a couple little battery operated fans along with the kids for the airplane ride. When the plane stops in Rome, they shut off the plane and it gets very claustrophobic in there. So the little fans help. Well, since De and Ismacho were the ones making the fire to boil the water to make the paint, De thought the little fans would be great to help get the fire started so he brought one. It worked great and the guys were so impressed with this that they exclaimed, "This is good technology!!"

Laughing, Sumer replied, "This is not technology! It is a little battery operated fan!"

"No, this is GOOD technology!" Haha:)

Ismacho has already burned one of the blades off but maybe De can leave him another one.

Remember all the soccer balls and Frisbees the kids brought with them? Well, they were given to the kids in the countryside to play with but sadly they were stolen by the thugs with sticks:( Maybe the next person or group who comes can bring some more.

Well, the small mouth bass are biting off the dock so I better go catch one!

Thanks for your continued prayers.



  1. So glad they are feeling better!How tough for them to be stuck out of country and being sick.
    I love the relationships they are making. Thank you God that Katie is making such amazing relationships with these kids! What a way to get people to sponsor! To know these kids is to love them!
    Praying for continued healing and relationship building. Praying for God's leading in your life as well.
    Have fun fishin! :o)

  2. PRAISE GOD they are all feeling better!

    Sounds like another amazing day for all of them!

    Love these stories :-)
    Praying for more sponsors to step up!

    Hugs and much love,
    PS Ask Sumer to get me information to post about the children needing sponsors onto our Help 4 Korah Blog!!!!! :-)

  3. Thanks for continuing to post! I am back in the states now and desperately want to hear about what's going on in Korah. I hated to say goodbye. I'm glad I can follow the work in Korah this way!
    I'm the sponsorship coordinator, so let me know if anyone want to sponsor a child!!!