Friday, June 25, 2010

Korah-Day 11

Wow, how time flies! Are they really on day 11? I truly think these 4 kids have lived a years' worth of adventures in just under 2 weeks.

Katie got some really good news today. It seems that she will able to sponsor the 4 kids she has developed relationships with! She was a little worried that the kids needed to be on an approved list in order to be sponsored (she'd overheard someone say that) and really started praying that she'd be permitted to sponsor the kids she loves so much. Today, Sumer told her that anyone could sponsor any kid to go to the school in Korah. One of the kids, Robel is on the approved list to be sponsored for the boarding school in Sheshamane. She is so happy!

The kids painted a hut today...the first hut they plastered and mudded when they first arrived. It was hard work but they did a great job. Somehow they were able to get some blue paint...real blue paint-the thick stuff. They painted most of it blue but the bottom foot or so they wanted to be painted a black stripe. So, they watered the black paint down with diesel idea why or if it was a mistake. Katie said the fumes were so strong that even the most wild, crazy kids became mellow. They were teasing those kids, saying "Maybe this is good for you crazy kids!" They dizzily replied, "NO, this is NOT good." Not sure how good of an idea this was but anyway, everyone survived.

Tomorrow, they are going shopping with their beloved and hilarious Mastie. Katie says he is the "MOST hilarious guy you've ever met!!" He's spent lots of time with the kids, going to dinner and hanging out as well as working along side him that I really think it's going to be hard for them to leave such a good friend. If you don't know De, I can tell you he is a very funny guy and always has a smile on his face. Katie told me that Mastie is even funnier than De...but when you get them's constant laughter! She's got some video of them telling jokes:)

I have to admit, I really (we really) miss our the kids. We can't wait for them to come home on Tuesday at 1pm! Hope they're not *too* tired because I want to see each and every picture, listen to every story and watch every minute of video. I will be dying to see everything but I know it will all come out over time.

Have I mentioned anything about Miss New Puppy yet? Well, she is cute. There are moments when I think, "I'm going to lose it." That is most of the time, actually. But there are times I think this is good for the kids. Mihiretu is being so sweet and responsible in caring for her. Aliya is warming up to her and doing a better job tending to her needs.

I did have a melt down today, loudly called a mini-family meeting and *think* it is now understood that 1) The puppy cannot nap continuously because you need a break, kids 2) When the puppy does wake up from a nap in the kennel, you must get your shoes on, open the door and pick the dog up and CARRY her outside or else she will pee on my new, lovely rugs (AGAIN!) and 3) When the puppy pees on the carpet (which shouldn't happen because she is not allowed on the carpet, you must tell Mommy so it can get cleaned up and not let it dry into the new carpet.

Ugh, what I don't do for my family! I'm a glutton for punishment, huh?

Many blessings,

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  1. Another awesome update. So glad they are making such amazing relationships! Funny stuff about the
    Glad little miss puppy is still cute...most of the time :)