Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July at the cabin

Misganaw enjoying a pontoon ride.

Me and little miss Tia. This is the way I feel about the puppy most of the time...I'm growling at her if you can't tell:)

Yes, Mihiretu did catch this BIG bass by himself but he had to have help from Big Daddy to hold it for the picture!

This was a big week for Mihiretu. He learned to water ski and got up for the first time ever!

It was fun riding up to the cabin with Katie and De and hearing more of their stories from their time in Korah and Ethiopia. Katie told me that she feels like there is a hole in her heart because she misses "her" kids so much. I told her there is a danger in doing the work that God lays out before us and the danger is that we can easily get our hearts broken by what He shows us and it hurts.

Katie took some time while there and looked through the book of children in Korah who are available for sponsorship at the boarding school. She said there are so many kids who are waiting for sponsors. One of her special, sweet "boys" is in there. Each of the children in the book is either a single or double orphan, meaning they have lost one or both parents. The parents suffered or are suffering from either leprosy or She prays for her kids every day, whenever she thinks of them...and that is often.

Katie spent some time lovingly editing some of the pics they took while there. Some needed flies taken off their faces, others needed snot removed. Yes, those things are reality but I know for Katie and for me, we don't see these kids with flies and snot on their faces. They are so absolutely, positively beautiful that they take your breath away. They are so vulnerable, all you want to do is whisk them away and protect them. They are starving, literally starving and all you want to do is buy them food and feed them. They are so loving and in need of love (many by a mother who has passed away) that they cling to you and want to kiss and hug you and hold your hands. They give you gifts that they cannot possibly afford because they love you so much.

All four kids without exception want to go back to Ethiopia and do more work in Korah. Blaine commented how amazing that was considering the filth and smell and the age of our kids that went. Let's face it...many young adults would not desire to spend time in a place like Korah. They'd rather be at the mall or the movies or wherever. There is just SO much more to life than that. There is a JOY in serving Jesus!

I will share some of their pics and more stories as the days go on.

I do have to share an off-topic story about Aliya that happened today. I finally took her to the gym with me to do a little working out. Thinking the treadmill would be the safest thing to start her on, that's what we did. I showed her how it worked and demonstrated how it looks to walk on it. I started her out slowly...1.1 mph-which is BARELY moving. She held on for dear life, saying "I scared! I scared!" I'm sure glad she isn't overly sensitive because I couldn't stop laughing. She was clomping along at 1.1 mph and walking like a 12 month old taking her first steps. If I only had a video!!! After a few minutes, she relaxed and got more comfortable and looked like a pro, even taking her hands off the machine! Then we worked some machines and did some free weights and I was really proud of her. She was willing to try whatever I did, just at a much lighter weight. We have lots of work to do in terms of strength training but keep it up my girl!!!! Go Aliya!!!



  1. AMEN! Can't wait to see the photos - you know I understand and agree with all that you shared!

    Love you,

  2. such cute photos! your puppy is adorable!

  3. Looks like great fun! LOVE the description of the kids at Korah...the beauty we see, not the flies and snot... the beauty Christ sees. LOVE it! :) Can't wait to see more pics and hear more stories. Thank you for sharing and being their voices!

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