Sunday, July 5, 2009

Katie: Please Pray for my dad.

This is Katie posting this time. I have never done this before but my mom asked me to say a few things. Everyone knows we went to the cabin for a nice vacation and break...well, it didn't exactly turn out the way we planned. No surprise to me, God seems to change up our plans in pretty dramatic ways. Anyway, over the week my dad developed more problems with this horrible cold that he already had. (or whatever you want to call it) His joints started killing him, his neck and back were causing a ton of pain, he couldn't go to the bathroom, and yesterday his muscles and joints in his legs started locking up, so he could no longer walk. Blake, his friend Jake, and my boyfriend Desean had to carry him to bed or the car or whatever he needed. He did go to the hospital in Grand Rapids but from what i have heard, the nurses there wouldn't listen to a thing my mom said. Thankfully they did help with one thing! They hooked him up to a catheter and they pumped out 1000 cc's. I don't know if thats how you say it but i do know thats a lot of pee!
It only got worse in the morning. By this time, he couldn't even lift his legs up a couple of inches. We rushed out of the cabin straight for the hospital in Minneapolis. They took him straight in and to this min they are still trying to find out what is causing it. From what i know, it has to do with his spine and the nerves. I don't know what the chances of it being completely healed from this or not, only God does. He is in control of all of this.

This is extremely hard on me to see my dad in the hospital once again, completely helpless. He's Blaine E****! He can do almost anything and everything in my eyes. To see him not be able to life his one leg in the air is heartbreaking.

I almost forgot! One of the hormones that he was on called levaquin, could be the cause of this. At the cabin, my mom looked on the computer at the side effects and my dad had pretty much everyone. A lot of people wrote in on how it has effected them for life. Scary!!

Please keep my dad and my family in your prayers. We will continue to keep looking forward and trust that God has a plan for us.

(Sorry for all my grammar and spelling mistakes! I'm not so good at this stuff...)



  1. He sure has my prayers! And great job with your first post. ;o)

  2. We will be praying for you all!