Thursday, July 9, 2009

We moved

Blaine was moved over this morning to Sister Kenny.  He didn't get physical therapy at the hospital this morning because they thought it might be too much and hopefully he'll get it here this afternoon, if they have an opening available.

He is doing SO much better today.  Even the doctors who see him each day are so amazed at his progress...all the glory goes to God for this!  

He only needs a little bit of assistance with balance when he transfers from wheelchair to bed or wherever.  He thinks he can do it on his own and has been identified as what they call "a high risk for falls."  Clearly interpreted this means, "Stubborn guy wants to do things that he's not quite ready for all by himself."  He is close and honestly, given another day, will be able to do these things by himself if he continues to progress like he is.

The infectious disease doctor saw him a little bit ago and said it still looks like a contaminated culture in regards to the bad staph.  Nothing really adds up otherwise.  Apparently, the lab does have more of Blaine's cerebral spinal fluid and will reculture it.  Praise the Lord for this!!  He thinks Blaine is doing at least 50% improved over yesterday and yesterday he thinks he was 75% improved.  Add that up, won't you!!!  He predicts he'll be out of here by Tuesday next week.

One of the staff talked to me before we came over. She asked me if I'd been staying every night at the hospital and I told her yes and that Blaine had had such a bad experience at HCMC ICU when he was there.  She was so kind and caring to me.  She told me she'd be right back after she checked on something.  (There are no private rooms here at Sister Kenny) When she came back she told me that I'd be allowed to stay overnight so I would be comfortable with the situation and make sure I felt it was safe.  So Blaine right now doesn't have a roommate...except for me! So I'll stay tonight and we'll see.

My wonderful friends (Lisa, Denise and Kim) went last night to Let's Dish and prepared 12 great meals that now are sitting in our freezer to be used when we need them.  I am so grateful and will continue to need some help, I'm guessing through the middle or end of next week.  

Thanks so much to our family, our face to face friends and my blog friends for all the prayers and support.  Please don't quit.  We still need them.  We love you!



  1. Thank you for the updates! It's so amazing to what wonderful things God is doing there! Prayers are continuing!

  2. Laura/Blaine-
    I've read your blog the last couple days since Rachel told me about Blaine being sick. I don't know if you knew this, but our sister in law went through almost exactly this same situation about 8 months ago. They (Doug's brother's family) had returned to East Asia when Vidie noticed increasing tingling and numbness in her legs. They went to their local hospital-thinking "pinched nerve". Long story short--they airlifted her to Hong Kong where she was diagnosed with Guillen Barre Syndrome. She had had the "flu" and it affected her nervous system. She had paralysis in her legs and lower trunk area. She was given massive steroid doses and spent 2 weeks total in hospital/therapy. She and Greg were seperated from their 4 kids for 2 weeks. She made great progress-thanks to God and many, many prayers. Once she returned to East Asia, she made steady progress. They live in a 5th floor apartment (with no elevator!) She used a cane to keep her steady and prevent falls. Once again long story short--she has made a FULL recovery!! PTL!! Satan has tried multiple times to undermine their ministry there but God is faithful and continues to be daily!! They just found out yesterday that their attempt to open a computer business there was turned down by the government. Knocked down but NOT out!
    Anyway--just wanted to let you know we are praying for all of, Blaine and the kids!
    On another note-we are leaving for vacation July 18-26. We would love to offer our house to your family while we are gone. If it could mean a "mini-vacation" for all of you, we would love for you to use it. The boys would probably love the pool/hot tub! If you are interested, give me a call (cell:612-803-2279) If it doesn't work out because of Blaine's recovery, I'd still love to have you come sometime with the boys and spend the day swimming.

    In His Love,
    Jenny Munson