Thursday, July 16, 2009

Home sweet home away from home!

Blaine was discharged from the rehab hospital on Monday. His recovery surprised all the doctors, nurses and physical therapists there. He has been so happy to be home and with his family. Of course, we are so happy to have him!

He continues on high doses of steroids to keep the inflammation from coming back. He'll be on this for a few weeks more before they begin to taper him off. They cause all sorts of side effects which are worse in some people than others. We are told that in everyone, they cause insomnia. Some nights he sleeps pretty well, some he sleeps very little. He was given sleeping meds but so far has refused to take them. So hopefully sleep will come one way or the other! Some people get very irritable and angry and a little crazy but not Blaine...alright maybe a little irritable when it comes to my driving! He's still a little numb in his legs and says that he's about 85% back to normal. His leaps and bounds progress has slowed now but we are thankful that he has recovered all that he needs right now. The rest will come. All to the glory of God!

I hope I have time to reflect on this whole last couple weeks by blogging about it. Sometimes it's the only time I have to think things through completely. It's good therapy for me. But for now I will say it has been wonderful to witness yet another miracle from God. He has been so faithful in answering our prayers and your prayers. Our faith has grown and our determination to get our daughter has intensified. I do believe that God has been preparing us for the challenges that are ahead in adopting this lovely child. I think we're very well prepared now!

This brings me to the adoption. We received a precious email from my new friend who is adopting the girl Blaine initially saw and fell in love with. The email contained a letter written by her daughter, still in the Ethiopian orphanage (care center) advocating for her best friend, T who does not have anyone to adopt her. She begs her mom and dad to please do their best to find her a family and that they can't live without each other. This is the girl we are hoping to adopt. So heartbreaking and sweet at the same time. No child should ever have to be put in a situation like this. No child should ever have to feel this fear of wondering if she will ever have a family, watching her best friend leave her for a faraway land.

They are traveling to get their sweet daughter August 24th. Our prayer request right now is that our home study could be approved by that time so they could bring her a package from us and let her know she has a family. She will be devastated when her best friend leaves for the U.S. and we'd sure like her to have some good news! Will you pray that our fingerprints will come back quickly so this can be a reality?

Our social worker actually came out to the house today and will work hard to get her part done as quickly as possible. She's a very sweet person and I know she will do her best.

Thanks and blessings,


  1. Wonderful news...for Blaine and for your next adoption! Our prayers for you continue...
    Brian, Mary, Lauren & Ben

  2. PRAYING FOR YOU, YOUR HUSBAND, and will PRAY for your new daughter!!!!

  3. SO glad to hear you are home together again. Continued prayers for his full recovery!!!
    SO praying for your sweet daughter and the process to continue smoothly and quickly.

  4. It was so sad to see that in L's letter, but how sweet that the little girl you first wanted to adopt is now advocating for your daughter. So sweet and so amazing! I am praying you can get everything done and be able to let T know at that time she does indeed have a family. Actually I am praying we get to send something at the same time if my husband will (finally) agree to go and get our 2 kids. You pray for me, I pray for you! :)