Friday, July 10, 2009

1/2 in a million

Blaine had a good day today.  Physical therapy and occupational therapy kept him busy and made him exhausted.  But it was good.  They have an amazing gym here for rehab.  It it huge and actually has a real car in it, a mock city bus, grocery store with fake food, a kitchen, stairs, a long patch of gravel and uneven grassy surfaces...all for practicing on.  He did well.

He's pushing to get out of here by Tuesday next week.  The therapists are done with their evaluation of him and have a team meeting on Monday to determine their course of action and how long he should stay.  Jenny talked to his P.T. and she is recommending based on her eval today that he should stay 7-10 more days.  Of course, Blaine is not at all happy or satisfied with this.  He's pretty insistent and I don't think he'll take no for an answer.  

His neurologist saw him tonight and is amazed.  A direct quote, "You have surpassed all expectations at this point."  That is all God!  We have prayed for a miracle recovery and He has done it.  Thank you,  Jesus.

I don't have time to elaborate on this but I have a new perspective on all of this that has happened.  A couple posts ago, I sounded what's around the corner.  Dave B., our friend and a pastor at our church gave me something to think about.  He reminded me about the life of Joseph of the Old Testament.  He's always been up there with my all time favorite Bible characters.  Anyway, the told me that there is never anything bad or negative written about Joseph in the Bible.  It doesn't say, "Joseph needed to learn patience so God sent him down to Egypt to learn some." or "Joseph was an unforgiving man so God had his brothers betray him in order for him to learn to forgive them."

I have been sort of beating myself up trying to figure out what we needed to learn since all these crazy things keep happening.  I thought that I must be such a stubborn person since I keep having to re-live hard times.  

Dave told us that that is not always the case and the reminder of the story of Joseph convinced me.  Other people have told me that but Dave pointed out a case in scripture and in that you can't go wrong!  

So even though we still do believe that Satan has tried to stop our adoptions, I am convinced that God allows only what He chooses and it's all for to display his glory or for the greater good of others.  I guess you can't have one without the other.  

So that's my change of perspective.  I went home yesterday to get a shower and had a CD on in my car.  The song goes like this:

"Healing rain is falling down,
healing rain is falling down.
I'm not afraid, 
I'm not afraid."

It repeats over and over.  I heard the Lord telling me that He is sending healing to Blaine and I don't need to fear what might come our way in the future.  

So I am no longer afraid...I shouldn't have been before.  I know better.  God tells us in the Bible so many times not to fear.  I guess I let our circumstances get the better of me.

So my husband was told that the chances of this happening to a person is 1/2 in a million.  I always thought he was 1 in a million!

I love him so much!


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  1. I am so happy to hear Blaine is doing so much better! I have been praying for your family and just praise God with you all! It is encouraging to see you remain strong in the Lord. Praying he get's out of the hospital this week and he get's stronger and stronger everyday.