Saturday, July 11, 2009

Getting better

We have been having a lot of discussion about Blaine getting home sooner than later.  I told you yesterday that the P.T. recommends that he stay 7-10 more days.  Today he talked to her when he was having therapy and he explained that seeing that he keeps making so much progress every or at least every other day, he believes that his body just needs some time to heal and spinal cord and brain inflammation to decrease and then have some therapy also.  She said that she knows that at the end of her recommended time, he could walk out of here on his own.  If he leaves sooner, he'll need a walker.

He's considered a high risk for falls.  He has about 2/3 of his feeling in his legs.  When we first came in, he couldn't tell if a pin was pricking him or a dull surface.  He couldn't even lift his left leg one inch.  Now he's walking.  It's not regular walking but it's close.  He really has to concentrate on where his feet are because he can't totally feel them.  So it's a little slow and awkward but it's coming along and is much better even today than yesterday.  

Blaine doesn't care if he has to come home with a walker.  He just wants to come home.  

He is still counting on coming home on Tuesday.  I think it will work out, too.

He had a great and competent nurse last night and so I finally feel comfortable leaving him alone tonight.  Pray that it goes well.  I'm sure it will.  Mihiretu is having a really hard time.  Katie said she has never seen him so sad.  She and De didn't come down to the hospital yesterday and spent the day with the boys.  Mihiretu followed her around everywhere she went, even lying down outside the bathroom door when she had to go in there.  She found him at one point lying in his bed with his head buried in his pillow, ready to cry.  She didn't have the heart to take a shower and leave him for that long, so she skipped it and just cuddled with him.  So I need to go home tonight and spend time with them both.  

I am so thankful for a good nurse so I can do that.  She'll have him again tonight.

Blaine's eyes are much better and he hasn't had to wear the patch at all!!  The swelling in the brain must be going down.

He's come a very long way in a short time.  He has a way to go but we know that God will get him there.  

Blaine's Aunt came yesterday to care for the boys.  We sure appreciate her and the stability she'll bring them.  She said she'd stay the next week if we needed her to.  So we'll see how it goes.  I will sleep at home from now on and come here during the days.

Thank you for your continued prayers!  They have been effective!!!

Blaine and Laura

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