Sunday, July 12, 2009


Everything went well with me leaving Blaine alone at the hospital last night, thankfully! I called him this morning and he said he's doing great and can walk without a walker and can even bend down to pick things up. He failed that during his P.T. eval only 2 days ago!

Everyone knows that hospital food leaves much to be desired. Yesterday, Blaine told me just looking at the tray makes him nauseus. So this morning he decided to make the trek to McDonalds for breakfast. (That in itself should show you how despirate he was!) Well, he was cleared by P.T. for independent movement around his room but not the entire hospital and skyway system! He was making a break for it but was busted by his nurse and sent back to his room. Feisty boy!

He will wait until I get there and then I'll go with him.

I can't help but think back one week. I was driving him down from the cabin straight to Abbott. We were given a pretty scary prognosis on Sunday. Would the paralysis continue it's movement upward and effect his lungs so he would be unable to breathe? Would he have to be on a ventilator? Would he walk again?

Fast forward one week...he's trying to walk by himself to McDonalds! How great and loving is our God??? He has heard all of our prayers on Blaine's behalf and in one short and amazing week, healed him almost completely! The neurologist said it would take weeks for the myelin sheath to grow back but on the outside, he looks normal. His recovery has astounded every one who has cared for him. I must admit, it even astounds me from day to day.

God gets every ounce of glory for this great healing. There is just no other way to explain is a miracle.

Praising God with you today,

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  1. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!! What wonderful news!!!!