Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our life in pictures over the last month

Misganaw rejoicing over what God has done for us.

Introducing...Hadley Anne, my great niece born June 25th with yours truly in attendance. I could repeatedly be heard saying, "You can do it, PUSH, push through the pain" to get this 9# 8.5 oz, 22 inch sweetie into the world. She's gorgeous like her mommy!

Blaine and Katie on her 17th birthday at the cabin. He's already pretty sick here and within 2 days he was completely unable to walk and had to be carried.

This is Blaine and the P.T. at Sister Kenny on his second day of walking, Friday I believe. The first day he needed to use the parallel bars to hang onto. This day he's moving his own legs but needs help with balance.

Here is the very same guy with Blake and Jake and De (not pictured) just one week after the previous picture was taken! They are putting drain tile in our retaining walls because we are putting a new deck over this area. Notice the new screen porch in the background. An improvement since the last picture I posted where this area was covered by a big tarp.

Is this an amazing God sized miracle or what?? Blaine went from not being able to lift his legs off the hospital bed, put any weight on his legs at all (he was a full transfer), wondering when if ever he'd get complete movement and strength back to well...working on drain tile in less than 2 weeks.

Yep, I've said before...he's a strong and determined man but even strong and determined men remain paraplegic and get around in wheelchairs. No, this wasn't about Blaine at all. It was completely the work of a mighty God who cares for and loves His children and is intimately involved in our lives. We are thankful for His mercy.

I had made the decision while lying in the hospital cot in the middle of the night that I would not continue with the adoption process unless Blaine regained his full ability. I absolutely believe that a person who is in a wheelchair can effectively parent a child. Without a doubt! But for us with our extremely active boys to add another child to our mix would bury me. I couldn't handle another child without Blaine's full recovery. I always think I can do anything (which is often pointed out by my family that I'm crazy!) but in this case, I drew a line in the sand. I couldn't do it.

God knows what I can handle and what I can't. Obviously, there is at least one more child who is to be our child and sooner than later so He caused Blaine to recover at record speed. He has a plan for us and the future.

I mentioned a book I have been reading lately. It is called "Dying to Live" by Dr. Clive Calver. He is an amazing man and if he's ever speaking somewhere nearby, you'll find me there. Previously, he was the president of World Relief and has a huge heart for the poor and the orphan. I have numerous dog-eared pages in his book and lots of underlines and stars all over this book! It's life changing.

I have lots to share from it but today something that is on my heart. He talks about the Christian life being an upside-down sort of life. It's a life of paradox.

"In the upside-down kingdom, you

-Are strongest when you are weak.

-Are rich when what you have is at the Lord's disposal, but you are poor when retaining control of wealth.

-Sin less when conscious of sin, but you are vulnerable when feeling invincible.

-Are most ready for heaven when serving God's business on earth, but you are least ready for eternal glory when serving your own interests."

I know this I jumped right into a deep, thought provoking Christian concept without warming you up to it. Sorry. I'll talk more about the basics of this book more next time. I'll just tell you...if we as Christians all lived our lives this way, the world would drastically change for the better. Sorry to leave you hanging...



  1. Praising God with you! What a recovery! And what an affirmation for your adoption. Good for you to see that you would not be able to do it alone. ;o) I am the same way.
    The book sounds great.

  2. Thank you for being faithful to God and giving Him the glory. Clive is the senior pastor of our church in Bethel, CT now and we are so fortunate that God has led him here.

    I love your writing style and want to encourage you to keep using this gift to encourage the body.

    Philipians 1:21,