Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Overall Blaine had a very good day.  He walked well at physical therapy today.  Jenny was amazed how much better he did than he did yesterday.  The doctors are amazed at his progress, too.  We are so thankful for all of this.

We did have a little hiccup today, however.  The infectious disease dr. came in today and was perplexed about the results of Blaine's spinal fluid culture.  To keep it simple, the culture grew staph.  There are 2 types of staph, let's just call them good and bad.  Blaine grew bad. 

The reason the dr. is so perplexed about this is because if the really had bad staph in his spinal fluid, he'd be very sick with headaches, fever, etc. and he's not at all.  Secondly, when they looked at the white blood cells in his spinal fluid, there were only the kind of WBC's that are found when you have good staph.  They type that are always there when you have bad staph weren't in his spinal fluid.

He wonders if there was an error in the lab and they are doing some checking to uncover this. So please, please pray that they find that it was an error.  They did do some blood cultures today to see if there might be any staph in that to help figure it out.  

They might have to re-do the spinal tap to re-check it.  We really don't want this, obviously.

If it is positive for the bad staph, they'd have to put in a pic line and 2 weeks of IV antibiotics, which we really don't want!!  

So you know the drill...pray!!

He has a place at Sister Kenny and probably will move there tomorrow.  Praise the Lord!!  Can't remember if we knew that this morning when I posted last.

Laura and Blaine 

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