Wednesday, July 8, 2009

This is the day that the Lord has made

God brought this verse to my mind at 4 this morning.  The verse quickly turned into the song. Not the American version but the Ethiopian kid version.  Anyone who has adopted an older child from Ethiopia will recognize this:

Zeess is zee dee,
Zeess is zee dee,
Zat zee Lord haas meed,
Zat zee Lord haas meed.
I will lejoice (rejoice),
I will lejoice,
and be glaad een eet,
and be glaad een eet.
Zees is zee dee zat zee Lord haas meed,
I will lejoice and be glaad een eet.
Zees is zee dee (HAY!)
Zees is zee dee zat zee Lord haas meed!

Sorry, but it just keeps playing over and over in my head.  When Mihiretu came home he sang that just like that.  I love it!!

I though I'd try to update this morning and again tonight.  By evening, I'm so pooped I'm not sure I'm making any sense.

Blaine had a great night.  He is so much stronger now.  He can turn over by himself and did a couple times last night.  At one point he called to me, saying, "Look!"  I looked over to find him on his hands and knees in bed.  He couldn't do anything close to that before.  His leg strength is so much better and control, too.  This morning he can pick up both legs straight from the bed and also bending at the knee.  He feels the numbness subsiding somewhat today.  

The steroids are working but the glory goes to the Lord!  He is the One who ultimately brings healing.  Blaine's spirits are so much better and he's joking around.  I was forced to chuck a pillow at him this morning for a comment he made to me, if that tells you anything.  He laughed and laughed!

The main thing that is bothering him right now is his double vision.  He actually sees 2 complete, separate images.  He sees 2 of me.  Sometimes I wish there were 2 of me!  He told me yesterday, pointing at me and me part 2, "Which one is you, this one or this one?  Hmm, (Pointing to the real me) I think it's this one."

I asked him how he could tell (cause he was correct).  He said, "The other one is a little taller and fatter."  Man, did I laugh at that one!

He has to wear an eye patch so because if he covers up one eye, he doesn't see double.  He's sick of wearing it.  He also is kind of cross eyed.  All of this is from the swelling in the brain.  It will go away but he's asking for prayer for this.  Actually, this morning it looks a little better and now he says he only is seeing 1 and 1/2, not double.  So improvement again!

We talked last night about the adoption.  We are about 1/2 way through our home study right now.  He wants me to call them and tell them we won't be able to make the class on July 13 but we will be at the August class and that we are 4 weeks behind and will get back on track then.  I told him this was courageous and full of faith after all that's happened.  He said, "What else can the devil do to us?"  

He can do a lot.  I would never want to mess with him or taunt him.  It's not a joke as we have seen.  So even more we ask you to pray for protection for us, each one of us.  

We know that God will be victorious in the end but Satan can really mess things up in the meantime.  So please put us on your prayer list and pray for us every day until we get our daughter home.

BTW, Blaine tells me, "1 week...1 week at Sister Kenny is my goal."

Somehow I believe him.

Thank you and keep praying!

This is the day that the Lord has made.  Let us rejoice and be glad in it!!!"

Laura and Blaine


  1. Such faith from the two of you! I am lifting you all in prayer! Hold tight to the Lord. He is your strength, He is holding you close and will bring healing!
    Blessings to your family.
    I dont even know you - but I just want to give you a big hug! I wish I could do something for your family in your time of need, but the best and most I can do is to pray.

  2. Laura and Blaine, your faith is amazing! You are certainly in my prayers, I too wish there were something more tangible that I could do. Praising God for the answers He's already given! Blessings to you both!!!