Monday, June 29, 2009

On the right track

My normally healthy husband has been very sick this past week. After two visits to urgent care and one to his regular doctor today, here's the diagnosis. Because he let his seasonal allergies too far, he ended up with a sinus thing which led to congestion and fluid in his ears. One got so full, it actually burst on Sunday morning and I won't go into detail about that one...yuck. Then his usually completely under control and almost non-existent asthma flared up out of control. He's not on a high dose of steroids, antibiotics, inhalers and a myriad of other things. Did I mention pneumonia on top of it all? I think we're on the right track now and pray we are. We leave for the cabin tomorrow and I do believe we need (he really needs) the break!

It is all too familiar for us. The last time we began an adoption, Blake got extremely sick and we were told it looked like cancer. It turned out not to be but was a crazy, weird virus that acted like cancer in his blood.

This with Blaine is also so weird. I posted a while back on what we all believe was the 'cause' of the fire. Remember that we were just beginning this latest adoption then? God loves adoption and has shown us this is his will for our family. Satan hates adoption because he hates God. He's trying to send us throw us a curve ball and discourage us from pursuing this adoption. Of this we have no doubt. We have been actively pursuing this adoption for the past couple weeks so this attack doesn't come as a complete surprise to us.

I'm not trying to give Satan any credit, just placing cause and blame where it is due.

But our faith in Jesus Christ gives us strength to continue following His will, no matter what the enemy throws our way.

"Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world." So we do not fear. We don't shrink back or give up. We don't run the other way believing that it's not worth it.

No, when we face opposition in the midst of doing what God's called us to do, we press on because we know that it is then...

...we are on the right track.

Please do pray for protection for our family. We need and appreciate your prayers more than you know! Also, pray that Blaine's eardrum isn't perforated next week when he goes back for a recheck.



  1. I am so sorry Blaine has been sick. Prayers for you while you get away and enjoy some family time. Have fun!!

  2. Thank you Laura for replying to my post today. I'm so glad to have support that feels like 'friends' in this strange blog world

  3. the warfare around adoption is hard to face sometimes - God Bless you for persevering!

  4. Praying for you all! We know the devil hates adoption and I will be praying specifically against any further attacks. God will prevail as always. How is the homestudy coming along?