Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Joy and pain

Lots of joy today!  I went out to the house to check on the progress and my kitchen now has a framed in pantry.  It's beginning to look like my kitchen once again...well, minus the appliances, floor, paint, lights, dishes, but you get the idea.  You have to use your imagination!

Also, my dear sister in law and fellow blog addict called me this morning with the most wonderful news.  She was checking her favorite blogs out late last night and came upon this:

My sweet sister Bibi is waiting on God's perfect timing, for her daughter to come home. Letarik is 10 or 11 yrs old. She is simply gorgeous and from her letters - she already has a beautiful heart for her KING! THANK YOU JESUS!

Will you join me in praying her home? Her court date is set for June 30, 2009. We are praying that all paperwork needed for her to pass will be correct and in order. We are praying that the attorneys representing her are able to contact her birth family in time to ensure they are there to sign all necessary paperwork.

I can't wait to meet Letarik. She is such a joy already to all of us who love her!

I know I never shared with you the beautiful girls name who Blaine fell in love with.  But it is Letarik.  This is "our" girl.  How amazing is God!  He found her the perfect family who can bring her home earlier than we could.  I only copied and pasted from the auntie's blog so you could get an accurate feel for how wonderful a family this is.  

We have been praying for this little girl since the day we first saw her face.  We prayed that God would provide the perfect family for her, whether that be us or someone else.  I guess it was someone else.  But God in His infinite wisdom knows best and obviously He has another perfect little girl for our family.  We cannot wait to find out who she is!!

I know that God knows all this.  But I have to say that if the fire hadn't happened, I believe Letarik would be preparing join our family.  We would have had our home study complete by the end of April and were planning on making it official at that time.  Not positive but it sure would have been close.  So it is abundantly clear that God had other plans for this sweet girl and for us and for another sweet girl who is still waiting.  

Don't get me wrong...I'm thrilled and thankful that Letarik will have a forever family, after over 2 1/2 years of waiting.  2 1/2 years!!  How can we allow this??  Why do we allow this when we can do something about it??  Please, please pray and ask God if just maybe you might be the forever family that an older orphan longs for.  These children need the love and guidance only parents can give.  They certainly deserve it.

So I am rejoicing today for Letarik!!  God answered our prayers and I'm sure hers as well. Please do pray that she passes court the first time and can be home with her new family maybe in Sept. or Oct.  

The paradox for me today is that I couldn't be happier but I am grieving yet another loss.  I don't mean to sound ungrateful and unfaithful but keeping it real...

This stings a bit.



  1. Praying for you! God's plan is often not what we would choose, but His is always right. We had fallen in love with a sibling set before accepting E's referral. We actually started our process for these kids when D's dad died and we had to give them up. We got to meet them while picking up E and it hurt like noone's business but they are home with the right family and so is E. God knew... but it sure wasn't my plan for a long time!

  2. It is hard - due to a huge Snafu we didn't get ther referal for some sibs that we really thought were meant to be ours - and now things are moving foward for some differnt kids - these ones seem to be the ones God meant for us, it just took us a bit longer to find them.