Sunday, June 28, 2009

Comic relief

I have another funny Misganaw story.  Actually there are several every day but I have to think about how they'll translate only in the written word.  Hope this one translates well.

Those of you with both much older kids (teenagers) and much older kids will really appreciate this story.

A little background on Misganaw...he is a big nose picker.  Not only does he pick...he eats!  I have tried to get him to stop and after at least a year of doing this, it is getting *better*.  I know one day he will be so upset with me for posting this for all the world to see but that's a long way off and it's funny so here it goes.

Blaine got Misganaw up from his nap yesterday and of course he had a big booger on his finger. He asks Daddy, "Do you ever pick your nose?"

Daddy, "Sometimes, but I NEVER eat it!"  (Ok, I guess this could be incriminating on more than one level...sorry,  honey!)

Misganaw, "Do you ever rrrrrooooollllll it and flick it at someone??"

Blaine, laughing histerically...."NO!"

The day before I overheard big brother Blake telling him not to eat his boogers but to pick it, roll it and flick it at anyone BUT him.  

Amazing how they remember these things!!!  Be careful little mouth what you say!

Ah, the joys of having toddlers and teens.  You really never know!!

Hope that doesn't gross your Sunday morning too much!!


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  1. yum french toast and boogers, all I need now is my coffee on this Monday Kids are great aren't they?!