Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What you really want to see:-)

Hello my family!

Look at this girl...making a bee line to her dad!

Welcome to America!

Sisters...look how close in size they are?

Our family! This is the first picture taken of all of us together. When I saw it, I thought...wow, that looks like a big family! Gotta LOVE IT!!!!

Things continue to go well with Aliya. This morning we took Mihiretu to his bus stop and then took Misganaw to pre-school. Aliya and I then did a little shopping at Sam's Club, hoping to see my Ethiopian friend who works there but she wasn't coming in until the afternoon...bummer. We'll try another day. She and Misganaw are watching Bee Movie right now, as she's feeling tired since it's like after bedtime in Ethiopia. It sure takes time to readjust or adjust in her case.

Yesterday, the whole family, minus me (since I needed to stay home and rest from my cold) went shopping and came home with bags and bags of clothes. Lots of great sales, thank God!! She did a fashion show with each and every thing they bought, right down to the purple Nike's. So cute!!

When I ask her how America is different than Ethiopia, she tells me that everything is different. She's doing well with food. We had lasagna last night (thanks Heather!) and everyone loved it. She likes pizza, ice cream, french fries (no ketchup), oranges and bananas. She likes scrambled eggs, toast and pancakes. She does not like lettuce or fresh veggies.

Her English really is good although she seems hesitant to use it too often. She takes everything in and seems to pick things up quickly, only needing to be told once. She's not too timid but not too bold. In short, God chose the perfect girl to be in our family. She laughs at the boys and thinks Dad is very nice. And she absolutely LOVES her sister, Katie.

Tonight, we're going to do some serious hair work. We'll start with a little hot oil treatment, then I'm going in with the comb. I have a feeling this is going to take some time to get through all her thick hair:-) Once we get it combed through, I'll have her wash it, add our hair milk and then I'll try to put a million little twists in it and finish it off with the most delicious smelling hair oil, Black Vanilla. Heavenly!

I'll post some more pics soon, just wanted you to see our homecoming! Life is definitely busier but wonderful. I'll be happy when I have my full voice back.



  1. I am sooo glad for your all and she looks just precious!!

  2. Yeah a family photo!

    I love it!

    So excited to hear things are going so well!

    Love you!
    Who is still coughing like crazy!

  3. So glad you are all home! LOVE the family picture! It looks like the perfect size! :o) She is just beautiful ;o)

  4. Congrats and welcome home. What a beautiful family and I'm so happy to hear all is going well! Your new daughter looks SOOOOO happy!!

  5. I'm so excited I could pee my pants! So happy to see that family pick! WEEE HOOO

  6. Love the family photo, you all look so wonderful and Aliya is so beautiful. The boys have gotten so big too. I hope you feel better soon and and adjust to life as a mom of 5. Thank you all for the updates. I love you guys and you are in my thoughts and prayers constantly. xoxoxoxoxo..


  7. LOVE THE PICTURES!!! Yep your family looks big and FULL OF LOVE!!!
    Can't wait to meet you all someday!
    Can't wait to read more when I get back!!! Though to be honest I don't want to come back- JUST WANT TO STAY IN ET TILL I CAN BRING MY GIRLS HOME!!!
    God is GOOD!!
    Praising Him that your family is all together!!!

  8. What a beautiful family! Welcome home!

  9. beautiful pictures friend. Hehe, you have two teenage dd's; you can giggle at me in a few years. I pray that you have had some good rest and that the little boys are adjusting well too. love-em

  10. Congratulations!! What a beauiful family! We look forward to meeting Aliya this summer! :0)

  11. LOVE those pictures~~~ Keep them coming, Anaya loves to see them!