Friday, February 5, 2010

Crazy Virginia

Wow, is all I can say! We made it here safely to Dulles and are here at the hotel. Boy, I have to tell you...everything is so weird. I don't have time to go into all of it, but do know that we're safe and warm.

Katie had a horrible pain in her sinus while we were decending so we just took a taxi to CVS to get some Sudafed. So hopefully and prayerfully this will help her, as she is now afraid to fly again! The cool thing is that just as I was looking at 100 varieties of Sudafed, I told Katie that we really needed to ask a pharmacist what they would recommend, when a voice behind me said, "I am the pharmacist, can I help you??" How wonderful is that!! So like God to send us a person who we need while the taxi is ticking away. Can I tell you...I must be a spoiled American who drives herself everywhere and not a city girl anymore, but this taxi ride (cvs was 5 mintues away) cost $30. I'm like, "13?" No, 3 zero. I about died! Oh, what we needed.

This is the storm of the century here. It will rival the Great Knickerbocker storm of 1932 (that means nothing to me but sure sounds good). Our flight has been rescheduled at this point to leave Sunday at 10am. This will be just fine but do pray we get out then. We should arrive in EThiopia then Monday at 9 or 10, and then go to the guest house, drop our stuff off and do a little clean up and go get the girls!!!!! That's the point, isn't it??

I was told today by someone who will remain nameless :-) that someone should have called the Washington DC area and let them know that Laura was coming...that way they could have been prepared for any disaster that I would bring with me!! They do just seem to follow us, don't they? I'm really laughing at that one. It is humerous! We know how blessed we are and have seen the faithfulness of theLord all along the way.

just think if we hadn't been alerted by Jill, we would never have come early and it really would have been bad. We are so thankful.

Just a couple more days and we get our girl!!!!!

Pray that we can find things to do here while we are on "lock down" in the snowstorm:-) We're enjoying being together and having LOTS of laughs at the irony of absolutely everything.

We love you all and covet your prayers for us and the family at home.

Mommy and Katie LOVE you guys and miss you so much. Be good for Daddy!!!

Oh, and by the way, for those of you who don't know...Dulles is in Virginia!! Who knew?


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  1. I love you Laura and can't wait to meet in just two days!

    HUGS sweet friend and our prayers are with you!