Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Update on my girls!

I have only been able to communicate through phone calls to Laura as the Internet is so slow it pretty much is useless. So you are stuck with my wonderful writing skills for now.

They are doing very well and getting to know Aliya, she is very loving and has a good sense of humor. She should fit right into this goofy family just fine. They spent today going back to Layla house to get Aliya's belongings and take hundreds of pictures. They also went to Entoto mountain which wasn't much of a mountain but ended up being a beautiful church that they toured (I think I got that right but I'm not much for detail). Tomorrow is the Embassy first thing in the morning. Then they are traveling to a very, very poor part of town which will be very sad and un-forgettable according to some other adoptive families who have already been there. They will be guided by a young christian man that has a passion for these people and tries to help them as best he can. Then they will be doing a little shopping of course. Thursday they plan on traveling to Aliya's home town which will be a full day. Friday they start they journey home, Yeah!

According to Laura, Katie and Aliya are like to peas in a pod and are having a great time.


  1. I am a mother of 14 all boy's but one, I adopted all but the first two!. I started my own blog only it is it's about changing my life in 365 days, of course my kids are a large part of it. I am new to blogging and am trying but could use anyone's help My site must not be working because i can't seem to get anyone to post on my page. I am a mother and grandmother from Michigan. I hope to see you in my site and possibly get some tips.
    Thank you, Pugg

  2. I'm glad they made it there and are having an amazing time bonding with Aliya. Sounds like she is going to be a perfect fit into your household. Your all in my thoughts and prayers. Blaine, your updates are perfect =)

  3. It's wonderful to read your updates and know that all is going well!!! Our prayers will continue!!!
    Brian, Mary, Lauren & Ben Jaenisch