Sunday, February 7, 2010

They are on their way

Laura asked me to post her and Katie's progress. They were re-scheduled to leave Sunday at 10:00 am. Naturally as expected with a storm of the century they were pulling their hair out at the airport waiting. They eventually boarded the plane and departed around 2:30 pm. Praise God for getting them on their way and giving them a gift of only 20 passengers on the whole plane!!! This will allow them to stretch out and get some good sleep on their long plane ride. They should arrive in Addis around 6:30 am on Monday our time and 3:30 Addis time. Katie is not happy about getting there late as it will put it closer to supper time before they would have a chance to go get Aliya. According to her this is not acceptable and she will not have it, she is demanding that she will be with her sister on Monday no matter what!

The long delay at the airport allowed them to meet some wonderful people that Laura is chomping at the bit to tell everyone about. One women in particular is a 78 year old, Palestinian Christian that travels the world helping the poor and the orphaned. She has given up her worldly belongings and is totally trusting in God to provide for everyday needs. She was just what Laura needed to hear. The Lord is good!

I apologise for my inability to write, I never did master the English language like my wife has. Please excuse my grammar and don't laugh too hard, I am Norwegian you know. Thank God for spell check! Please continue to pray for their Journey and especially for Katie, who is struggling with her sinuses that are extremely painful during landings.

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