Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Embassy is Done!

They went to the Embassy early this morning and everything went smoothly! After they were done, they went with the christian driver that took them to a leper colony of 75,000 forgotten people! The people there no longer have lepersie but they are still labeled as outcast and are the poorest of the poor. They were originally colonized far from the city but the city grew out to them and surrounded them. They are now a dump site for the trash of the surrounding communities. The trash that is dumped is there food and clothing! This is Ethiopian trash not USA trash (there's a big difference)! They came upon a woman trying to sell rotten mangoes, things that make you cry. They have to walk 45 minutes one way if they want water. Many people were walking around with limbs missing. These people are some how stuck here, they have no chance of getting out. Laura is on a mission to get these people wells! They are looked upon as outcast. Even in this dire situation they somehow still smile and are happy. You will hear more about these people I'm sure when she is back.

Their plans for tomorrow have changed. The place they were going to travel to is not at this point safe, so the people they (3 adoptive families including Laura) were going to see are all coming to Layla house. Instead of a long day of travel they are going to take a group of kids from the orphanage to a nice hotel and go swimming. Friday they will get some shopping in and then attend a farewell party.

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  1. My husband and I also visited the Korah when we visiting Ethiopia early January. It is truly heart breaking. We met a great man, Sammy, who actually lives there and grew up there too. He started young life and the church. We are hoping to help where we can. Just found your blog and I can't wait to read more.