Friday, February 19, 2010

Some pics

Katie and Aliya standing in her room at Layla House. As you can see, we just came in from the rain after meeting Aliya 5 minutes before. Ok, I didn't mean to upload 2 of the same pics...but you have to admit, they ARE beautiful sisters!

This is back at the Guest Home. Many of the family back home sent gifts or cards for Aliya. Cousin Benjamin sent gum!

Katie gave Aliya her old iPod. She had downloaded Aliya's favorite singer, Teddy Afro (he's Ethiopia's Michael Jackson). She really liked it and began singing along.

I promise there will be more pictures!



  1. I agree, beautiful sisters!!! I can't believe how much Katie looks like you Laura! Hope you are all doing well, can't wait to see some more pictures and hear more about your trip.

  2. Katie is your mini me. She and Aliya look like they have known eachother forever. Perfect. I hope you all are adjusting well. Hugs to everyone.

    Love you guys.