Wednesday, February 3, 2010

If you think you're in control, think again!

All I can think is that we are slow learners because it seems like God must teach us lessons over and over for us to finally learn:-)

Misganaw is hacking up a storm and Katie is worse, with no voice this morning. I catch upper respiratory stuff very easily and it often turns ugly with me. This morning, Jill emailed me with the title, "BIG SNOWSTORM TO HIT EAST COAST FRIDAY AND SATURDAY."

Ok, all stuff I have NO control over. None at all! I also still have no birth certificate or information on my other docs. Nada.

With all of this, I lift my hands and say, "Ok, Lord. You can make the kids well. You can protect me from catching it. You can turn the snowstorm so that it won't be a problem with our flight on Saturday. You can and are getting our paperwork all in order for us. I can do NONE of it. Only YOU can. Only YOU can."

I did call the travel agent this morning to see if indeed there is a huge snowstorm, how do we handle that? She reassured me that they had a snowstorm last weekend, as well with NO delays at all. So unless it is the storm of the century, we should be fine with our arrangements.

With all my heart, I do believe that God wants me to always live like this. For some reason, we think that in some way we control some of the little things in our lives. Some of us even think we control the big things.

We don't. We never have and we NEVER will.

That's God's job and He's the expert. (I'm not suggesting we have no responsibility in how we live our lives and the choices we make, however!)

So sit back and enjoy the ride and watch Him work. My guess is that some of you need this message today.

And please keep praying for us.

3 more days!!!!!!!!!!

We're coming, Aliya Tarikwa!!!



  1. Who believes what the weather says anyway??? What do they know? ONLY God knows. PS: I love your new ones name. I had considered it spelled Aliyah for my first daughter...but Hubby didn't care for she became Leah. I will be praying for you and your family during this journey!
    Have a Blessed Day!
    Lori =0)

  2. Can I just tell you how excited I am to meet you!!!!!????

    I love you Laura - and I had the most amazing time with Lexi!