Saturday, February 27, 2010

Good news for Korah

I'm sure you're wondering why I haven't posted any pictures of Korah (the leper colony we visited). I've been dying to show you the beautiful people there BUT Jill is in the process of making up a picture book with Sammy's personal story and I don't want to compromise any of the pictures for her. The plan is that it will sell for roughly $25 and all the proceeds will go toward sustaining a feeding program in Korah. These people desperately need nutritious food which doesn't come from a dump. This is a rough estimate but we figured to feed 75,000 people one healthy meal of beans and rice a day would cost about $1800/day. That's incredibly inexpensive for 75,000 people!

When we were there, Sammy told us that finally some Christian organizations had visited him to try to get some sort of program started for the children (or childrens, as Aliya says!). Yesterday, I heard some WONDERFUL news from an adoptive mom who visited Ethiopia and specifically Korah last week. She said that Compassion International had visited Korah on Feb. 22 and have agreed to begin a sponsorship program for the children!!!!!! This is GREAT news for them and will change Korah forever.

As people begin sponsoring these precious and extremely needy kids, they will enter an education program that includes learning about Jesus. They will get medical care and one meal a day. They will receive letters from their sponsors which will encourage them and show them that they are NOT forgotten and unworthy, as they have always believed.

I LOVE Compassion International and Blaine and I sponsor 2 boys in Ethiopia, in the area where the boys are from. They are accountable for the money they take in and are completely trustworthy.

Sammy and the leaders of the church will be responsible to choose the most needy of the children to be in the program, orphans will be first I'm sure, just as it is now there with sponsorships. They are best to choose who gets into the program first as they know the families and situations better than anyone. I cannot wait for this to begin and see how God changes people and raises up great men and women from Korah!!!

When the book is finished, I will offer it on my blog so you can have a chance to see what we've seen and have an opportunity to help the people there.

We are still planning on raising money for a well in Korah. Jill's daughter, Lexi has already raised enough money for a well in Sudan. I'll keep you updated on this, as well since I've heard from many of you that you are interested in giving to this project.
You will remember that the women of Korah walk 45 minutes one way for a jerry jug of water and it is not clean water. So this is so important for the people there...clean, accessible water in their community.

With the promise that Compassion is coming to Korah, God is beginning to radically transform that ignored and forgotten place. It is such a privilege to be a little part of it!

Aliya did well in school with the ELL teacher Thursday and Friday. She liked being there and truly, everyone is SO friendly. It seems as though she is currently at about a 3rd grade level in math and 2nd grade in reading. So this is where they will start. She is very good at sounding out words but often doesn't know the meaning of the word. Like yesterday, she sounded out the word, "high." But when asked what in the room was high, she didn't know.

This all will come with being immersed in the English language. She's a smart girl and seems to only need to be told something one time and she gets it. She is truly amazing in this way!

I can only imagine if I was in Ethiopia and learning Amharic, I'd be in the pre-school class and probably wouldn't advance for a LONG time!

She has no problem reading in Amharic. I bought her an Amharic Bible while we were there and I'm so glad I did.

Blaine and I keep marveling at how well she fits into our family. But of course, God knew this, didn't He??

Today, Aliya has a hair appointment to have her hair trimmed and we'll see what else. Pictures tomorrow!

Keep praying for Sammy and Korah.

Praising God for His wonderful blessing to them today!



  1. PRAYING!!! Love Sammy and love KORAH!!! Can't wait to get the book and to help build a well!!!

  2. Laura - thank you for sharing about Korah! I know the two of us will never forget all that we saw! God used it mightly to speak to my heart and like you said our girls! I praise God they were there with us!

    I will be announcing the book sell date once I speak with the publisher. I hope to get it out in a few weeks. It is my focus outside of building the website for a central place to help the people of Korah - Compassion, HopeChest, etc will all be on this one site! Working together to help Sammy and his ministry! I love all that is happening and feel so blessed God is allowing us to be a tiny part of it all!

    Love you!

  3. Opps I forgot to say YEAH for Aliya with school. Tell her I'm so proud of her and excited it is going well. Lilly is doing 4th grade math and about 3rd grade English. She is 12 yrs old and seems to be understanding things well! We are so proud of her - she works so hard too!

    It is amazing how God brought the exact right children into our homes. I love hearing how well it is going! YEAH! GOD!