Saturday, February 6, 2010

Still hanging out

We are waiting here in Dulles for a pizza to be delivered. Here's hoping!!! If a pizza guy can get here, we can get to Ethiopia, right??

The snow has stopped and Katie and I went outside and took some pics and video of the snow, which I'll post when I can. Looks like Christmas day in Minnesota!

We've packed and repacked our suitcases and backpacks and are all set. We must leave here on the 6:15am shuttle to get to the airport with plenty of time for our flight. The shuttle got stuck today so they aren't running one anymore today. Should be fine tomorrow.

The letters that Blaine posted yesterday were obviously written before the last ones we received where she talked about her name change.

We're fine and just wanted to check in to say keep praying for us. Seems like everything that can go wrong is...just small stuff so don't worry.

Katie is doing well, but do pray for her that she doesn't have that pain again. So very severe!!

Much love and blessings,

Our next post should be after we meet Aliya!!

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