Sunday, August 30, 2009

A recommendation

Bibi's home with her new daughter, Letarik! She has pictures and many things to tell me about Tarikwa! She emailed me and told me that she is an AMAZING girl and that she and Letarik are indeed besties and virtually inseparable. They were very sad to leave each other and as I thought, there were many tears shed.

Ok, now...get that gift bag to my daughter!! I just keep praying that God would be her comfort.

I am DYING to talk to Bibi but also remember how I felt after returning home from Ethiopia and want to give her a little space. She told me I could call her tomorrow after 9:00 Eastern so I though I'd call about 8:01 Central time. Like I said, I want to give her some space! ;)

Katie, De and I went shopping and bought Miss Tarikwa a super cute shirt...our first clothing purchase. Way fun!!

On a separate note, I want to encourage you to get hooked on a blog. Put it on your favorites and check it daily. I've mentioned it before but it's been months and will blow you away. It's by Katie, a 20 year old girl, living in Uganda, caring for orphaned children there. She is the mother of 13 - yep, 13 and she's 20 years old. She is an incredibly godly and humble servant of Jesus Christ and believe me when I say, we ALL can learn from this girl. Her last post has brought me to tears several times already.



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  1. Praying for the gift bag to get there SOON! I love that blog too! Amazing isn't it?!