Thursday, September 3, 2009

Updates all around

People keep asking me how Blaine is doing so I wanted to give you the latest. He talked with the neurologist yesterday. His symptoms are very gradually improving (very slightly!) so they determined that he has 16 more days until he's off the prednisone. That sounds like a long time but in actuality, he only takes 20mgs one day then 0 the next for a few days like that then 10mgs one day and 0 the next for a few days. So it's only really 8 more days of taking the steroid.

He hasn't gained the amount of weight I thought he would on it, thankfully. I'm sure it is due in large part to the fact that he's been climbing up and down scaffolding dozens of times a day while working on his office building. This is the plus side of being super busy, I guess! The rash on his upper torso is also improving, praise the Lord! His normal personality has come back and the irritability is gone, also praise the LORD! I'm glad to have my husband back.

There is also great progress being made on our house right now! The walls will be all primed by the end of the day and painting will begin tomorrow. Some of the tile will be laid tomorrow. The lower cabinets will be installed early next week!! (That means I will be able to get an idea of how the kitchen will look-and if you think I'm excited about're RIGHT!) They are beginning the siding on the outside today or tomorrow. They still say the first week of October before it's all done and we're in. I'll post some pictures when some of the painting is done.

Yesterday, I began the task of matching receipts up to our inventory list. Can I just say...HELP! I think this might take me as long as the initial inventory list. I spent over an hour just on 2 receipts (they were long ones, but still). There are about 50 spread-sheet type pages with about 50 items per page. I have a folder full of receipts of items we lost in the fire. The receipt must have a number on it that coincides with the item on the inventory sheet. Some are straight forward. Others say, "toddler sets" or "flex turner" and to those I say, "WHAT?" Now to those things I have to find what I think matches up with them. Gettin' the picture? Ugh. Having a fire is a LOT of work.

The kids start school next week. Blake started a couple weeks ago. Here's the run down (I think it's kind of fun)...I have one in college, one is a senior, one a first grader and one in pre-school! And the one who's coming will be a jr. higher. All bases covered!

We went to Mihiretu's school open house yesterday. He looked sad and I asked him what was wrong. He said, "I just need a longer break." So cute! I told him his sister would agree with that. Reading is difficult for him and school takes effort. Our district is so good and supportive so he'll get the help he needs.

In fact, the ELL teacher called me yesterday and I had the opportunity to talk with her about Tarikwa coming and what services the district had for her. Let me tell you, I was impressed. I have the option of part time school, coming for just special services and lunch (to get her used to things), or even home visits and tutoring. Can you believe it? We are sure we don't want to put her right into school full time right when she gets home. (We're thinking January-ish-but not sure). She will have so much to acclimate to here and we want her to have a smooth and as stress free as possible transition to our family. We want to create a strong bond between her and our family and putting her is full time school would be difficult, we think. We are thankful for this opportunity and the districts' willingness to work so well with us.

I am waiting to hear back from AAI on when Tarikwa's gift bag will be delivered and what the time line looks like. We don't really know much and feel a little in the dark. What I do know is that they will be scheduling a court date for her and if she passes the first time around, we will be assigned a travel date. There are weeks that pass between each scheduling court and travel...just not sure how generally how many and how it works. We pray for her every day that God would be her comfort as she waits to hear about a family. We know she is very sad about having to say goodbye to her best friend. Waiting is so hard!

Friday, I'm going with my friend shopping with my friend, Lisa to purchase some more things we will need when we move in. I will add them to the little pile in the corner that I started. Think of it...we have no sheets, towels, dishes, glasses, silverware, knives, etc. Got to start somewhere! My little pile will be a big pile very soon.

Oops, I failed to mention that I did speak to Bibi. Seriously, what a gracious lady. She spent close to an hour with me on the phone and emailed me many new pics of our daughter. She did share new information with us about her. Bibi was very impressed with her. She told us Tarikwa is an active girl and loves sports. She's not the kind to sit around an knit, at least not for long. Sounds like she loves to have fun! Should fit right in here. Ahh, the wisdom of the Lord. He picked the right girl for us. Can you imagine a quiet, shy, introverted child who likes peace and quiet in this family? Me either! (although quiet does kind of nice at least some of the time:)


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  1. Thank you for the updates. Love that things seem to be moving in the right direction. ;o) Praises for healing and house getting done, and shopping and wonderful news about your sweet new daughter! Can't wait to meet her! Sorry about all the lists. That would drive me batty!!!!
    Hang in there my, can't be but so much older than me, friend. ;o)