Tuesday, September 8, 2009

You're going to LOVE this one!

My Three Sons. I grabbed Blake on his way out. He actually started school a few weeks ago but when I can get the three of them together in a pic, I'll do it. If Misganaw looks a little stunned, it's because in the previous 3 pics he blinked. This is him not blinking!

My little 3 year old pre-schooler. How adorable is this guy?

Is this a first grader or is he going into high school?? So grown up! Notice the size of these shoes...size 3! He was in a 1 1/2 in the spring. Now he and Mommy can share shoes!

Here is the dining room and kitchen on the left. Progress :) It's actually now all primed.

Blaine dropped Mihiretu off this morning at school so I could get Misganaw to his pre-school orientation. So I got there and was the first one there. Sort of proud of that! The teacher asked me how to pronounce my child's name and I explained that it was Miss and then the country of Ghana. This is the best way to remember it. She looked perplexed and said that that wasn't the name they had. Mihiretu's name was on Misganaw's cute name tag. What??

It was then I realized what I'd done. I registered my 7 year old for 3 year old pre-school!!!! Yep, it's true. I told you that I do these kind of things on a regular basis so it didn't surprise me. Especially considering the fact that I registered him a couple months ago during the busiest time in my life!

When the class list came around, my child was the only one listed with a birthdate in 2003...all the rest of the kids were listed in 2006! Oops, had to fix that one!

Then, to top it off we were asked to fill out the phone number of our peds doctor and dentist. I began looking in the phone book in front of me provided for this use. I searched and searched but couldn't find it as hard as I tried. The problem? I couldn't see those small letters!! I couldn't read the words in the phone book because my over 40 eyes (hear that Andrea, my 39 year old friend?) didn't have their bifocals on! Ok, I said it! I wear bifocals! Glad to have that off my chest.

I could hardly hold in my laughter at this point. I could hardly wait to share this with you!

Everyone had a good day at school today. It was weird having Mihiretu gone all day. At noon, I thought, "He has 4 more hours until he comes home." When I picked him up and we walked across the parking lot hand in hand, I talked with him about his long day. He said to me, "Yeah, Mom. But a man can handle it." On the record, I think it's way too long to be away. I did get a lot done, though.

I hope you feel better about yourself after reading this. Anybody else do things like this? Share it with me!



  1. LOLOL geez you ARE old, bifocals??!!! LOL {{hugs}}
    You look darn great though!
    Mihiretu looks so very grown up! High School material indeed!
    It sounds like something I would stress over, but I tend to be a bit OCD about paperwork even if I absotultely hate it...lol I wouldn't sign one of my daughters forms last night because it said she had been assigned a calculator, but she hadn't yet. Not signing it until I see it.
    I wonder what the teacher thought when she saw a kid born in 2003 coming to her class then saw Misganaw. No wonder she was confused...lol
    Hey the house looks great already!

  2. well apparently when you get older you lose your mind... as I lose mine...lol fixed my post. ;o)

  3. lol... ok I fixed it ...again! ;o)