Saturday, September 5, 2009

The entertainer

I took the kids to Fasika (Ethiopian restaurant) for a late lunch today. Man, if I ever needed a video camera, today was it! Misganaw was in rare form.

He's a very outgoing boy. He loved the waitress and she loved him. She picked him up and off they went. This didn't surprise us though, as this is the Ethiopian way! I've never seen a culture that loves kids more than Ethiopians.

After he ate a ton of injera (Ethiopian flat bread) he set out to meet each person in the restaurant. He went from table to table asking people their names. There was a sweet Ethiopian family with 2 adorable little girls there. After he danced for them (yes, I did say he danced for them), they clapped and he went up to the baby in the high chair and asked her parents, "Did she poop?" The mom laughed and the dad questioned the mom (in Amharic) what he'd said. She confirmed it was "poop" and he laughed, too.

Then he went onto the next table and did his dance for them, told them his name and on and on it went. He made his way to every table there. I half expected him to get some tips! It was hilarious!

I'm sorry I haven't posted any pics of the house. The truth is I cannot find the camera. Sad. You'll have to trust me when I say that the tiling in the laundry room, bathrooms, and basement looks GREAT! The walls are primed and all you see is stark white everywhere. It looks great to have walls that look clean but those of you who know me know white walls aren't welcome in my house so those painters need to get there soon! The tile looks extra good since it's the only thing of color in the whole house!

Lisa and I made lots of progress in the shopping realm yesterday. I bought ALL the bath towels, a wok, panini maker, and a couple other things. I ordered our dishes on line the day before and also a large collection of bowls. Capitol One shut me down! They think it's suspicious when I shop! What? One phone call and I was up and running once again. No worries!

I heard from our agency the other day. I had asked what the next step was and when we could expect to travel, roughly. She said that the courts are closed until Oct. for the rainy season. When they reopen, they will assign court cases. They could be assigned anywhere from 30-80 days out. If she passes court the first time (this makes her legally our daughter under Ethiopian law) it is roughly 5-6 weeks until we can travel to get her.

This means that the very earliest we could expect to travel is mid-December (highly unlikely) and the longest should be the 3rd week in February. Hopefully, she passes court the first time and there are no complications.

They weren't sure when our gift bag would be brought to her. The director of the agency will be back in the office next week and they'd find out then. Let's hope it's soon!



  1. Best wishes on your journey. I am glad to see your blog, and so excited about your decision to adopt again!!

    I can't wait to read more!

    (Thanks for visiting my blog)

  2. I could tell from his picture on the side that he was a ham! :)

    (Seriously- my word verification is/was foodita)

  3. Love the stories about Misganaw! SO cute! He and Nahom would so get along ;o) Or
    I had to laugh about the white walls, I am SO not a white wall chick, I don't think there is a white wall in my house!
    Can't wait to see pics.
    Prayers for all the court processes to work quickly and that you are able to travel before the end of the year!!!