Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's on it's way!!

We are up at our cabin for the next 5 wonderful days.  We are joined by our friends (4 families) and their kids and some of their friends.  So FUN!!!!!!  At peak attendance, we will have a grand total of 25 people here!  And even though it's only in the low 70's and the water temp is a chilly 62, the older boys have gone tubing.  Crazy!  

Blaine and I brought the dossier into town and sent it off TODAY!!!  I can't tell you how great if felt to put it in the hands of the US Postal service to be delivered in 2 days to AAI.  One important step closer to our daughter.  Yeaaaaaa!!

Blaine started back on his industrial strength steroids yesterday.  They are such a high dose they had to be made and only one place in the Twin Cities makes them that strong.  Ugh.  Anyway, he is feeling the shock feeling up his back much LESS today and thinks with one more dose, it will be gone.  He still needs to complete the 5 days but we are thankful that it's working.

Please don't quit praying for him, even though things are improving.  Today I was told of a person who, while on the same medication became so weak that he couldn't get out of bed or even play his guitar.  He also ended up having to temporarily go into a psychiatric ward of the hospital because of what it did to him mentally.  So when the dr. says, "I can't believe you're not psychotic on this high dose," I now get it.  So please continue to pray that it is effective and that the horrible side effects will be minimized.  

We are enjoying being away from all the stress of the past weeks and on vacation.  God is so good to have brought us through what He did and through it all kept us on track with our adoption.  And now to let us get away and have some peace and fun!  We are so thankful!



  1. So happy to see you one step closer to T. I will continue to pray for Blaine and his recovery. Enjoy your week away!

  2. Prayers for you all! Have fun! You deserve it! ;o)