Saturday, August 1, 2009

Steroids and the tooth fairy

My super sweet sister offered to take the little boys last night so we could go to dinner AND overnight! I can't tell you how much we appreciated that.

I can honestly say that the last couple weeks have been the busiest in my life. House inventory, house building, decisions regarding house building, collecting paperwork for the adoption, phone calls regarding the adoption, dr. appointments for all of us for the adoption, running around for all of the above, Blaine running his own business, me being mom to 4, all on top of a man on steroids...yikes! One of those things would be a lot to handle but all at once...can you say stress?

So we took Katie and De to dinner with us last night. Blaine was in rare steroid form and nothing sounded good to him. We ended up at a Meditteranean restaurant which he ended up really liking. Then we rented a movie (which I picked out) that ended up being super scary and I ended up reading a book. But it is now 8:25am and Blaine is still sleeping. He so needs it.

He spoke with the neurologist yesterday because while the symptoms he was having have decreased somewhat, they are still there so he will remain on the double dose of steroids through the weekend. The dr. again commented, "I don't know how you're not psychotic on that many steroids." Blaine said he thinks he's becoming psychotic. I think it's because the dr. keeps saying that. I don't actually know what psychotic means to tell you the truth. It sounds really bad to me, though. I have to look up the actual definition. He also reminded him that he probably will begin to get leg and arm weakness. So if you would keep praying that this double dose would knock out the rest of the inflammation in his spine, we'd really appreciate it!! Then he can begin tapering off them.

Here's a story to illustrate our busyness.

Mihiretu lost another tooth on Tuesday night. He put his tooth in a baggie under his pillow expecting the tooth fairy (Blaine) to put some cash in it. We talked about remembering to do it but were up past midnight doing the inventory stuff and completely forgot. He got up and sadly brought his baggie to me. I said, "Oh, my goodness. The tooth fairy must have had so many kids to visit, she just didn't make it here last night. Try again tonight. I'm sure she will come."

So he did. That night we were up past midnight again working on the inventory again. We talked about remembering again. But the next morning, the same thing.

Man, I felt horrible. He looked so sad. I had an idea!

I told him to recheck under his pillow, under the bed, around the bed to stall for time. In the meantime, I got a dollar out of my purse and pretended to make our bed. I stuck the dollar under my pillow. When I lifted the pillow, I exclaimed, "Oh, my goodness Mihiretu! She must have gotten confused and left it under MY pillow by mistake!" He bought it! Pheewwww. Now tell me that isn't busy when you can't even remember to play tooth fairy for your son not once but twice!


P.S. Our home study was sent to AAI and our I-600A form has been sent off with our home study to Homeland Sec.

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