Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So encouraged by you

Yesterday was really a wonderful and encouraging day. I really hate to be negative, it's not my nature but I needed to work through my struggle and hear from God through you. And I did. Thank you for all your comments, emails and phone calls. They were filled with the Godly wisdom I was looking for and needed.

First, I am amazed and thankful that you would take time from your busy lives to encourage a person that you've never met. That takes time and energy and let's face it...most of us don't have that in abundance.

Second, the scripture you've shared were God directly speaking to me. I love the Word of God. I love how it was written thousands of years ago but still can be applied to every aspect of our lives today. The Bible truly is a 'living' book.

Third, your Godly wisdom you shared blew my mind! As I read each and every comment and email, I couldn't help but tear up because I knew that you had followed our story for some time to have such insight on our lives. I respect you and am thankful that the Godly counsel I sought was answered by such Godly women.

I was so encouraged yesterday and knew that after all the words of wisdom and prayers (which we felt) that we are absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, positively on the right track. The right track often is not the easy track. Tarikwa (our daughter waiting in Ethiopia) is worth all of this difficulty.

I loved when Holli reminded me that God did not leave us as orphans but sent us His Son Jesus, so that we might be adopted into the family of God. He sure suffered in the process, didn't He? We cannot even comprehend it! But He did it anyway because we were worth it to Him and there was no other way that we could be redeemed. The same is true with Tarikwa. There is no other way we can get her but to persevere so she might have someone to call Mom, Dad, brother, sister, grandma, aunt, uncle and cousins... So that she doesn't have to live her life alone and an orphan. Thank you, Jesus for the sacrifice you made for me.

Blaine did have his MRI today with the results coming tomorrow. He did have a much more pleasant experience since this MRI machine was open ended and quicker than last time. I'll post results tomorrow. Keep praying! His dr. is on vacation but wants the results and will call Blaine when he gets them.

The stress level remains on extreme. I don't know how Blaine will get a break so please pray that he can just keep going. He runs his own business and things are crazy right now, of course! Right now, he's out at the house doing a little work for the Friday inspection. I went with him tonight because I didn't want him out there alone and I wanted to lend a hand when suddenly my sweet sister arrives with a nice, cool drink for him. Then a few minutes later, his friend Dave comes driving up, comes in and promptly tells Blaine to get down from the ladder and takes over. See how good God is to us?

Thanks for your support, prayers and love. I hope to meet all of you one day so I can give you a big hug! In heaven for sure!!



  1. Praying for the results today! I pray you get answers and that Blaine get the relief he needs!
    I sure hope we can meet before Heaven but Heaven will work too! :)

  2. Praying too that his results are miraculous, and that he is able to find relief and rest. Praying for your peace, and strength and relief as well.
    Hugs right back at you!!!

  3. Praying for you Laura! God is good and you are in His will right now, so continue moving forward and God will protect you all! Were you able to send out a welcome bag yet? I can't wait to see T. with her welcome bag!