Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Some picures

Blaine, Mihiretu and De excited over the progress of the sheetrock.

The boys' room. They're dancing because they now have walls!

Katie, Mihiretu, nephew Mike, my Mom and De with the catch of the day! This was just this last weekend at the cabin.

This is Blaine and Mihiretu's birthday party. At VBS, kids earn tickets which they use to buy things and treats. Mihiretu bought this New Testament for Blaine for his birthday! He was so excited to do this all by himself with tickets he'd earned by learning Bible verses. What a thoughtful kid, huh??

This was this past weekend at the cabin. We found a raspberry patch that was almost picked out. Even so, we did get enough for a pie. YUMMM! Misganaw had a blast picking raspberries and did a great job. He also learned that he likes to eat raspberries! Nothing like picking them to discover you like eating them.

I will get some new pictures of the house to post. We were there when it was getting dark so the ones I posted aren't the best quality, but you get the idea. They are all done with the sheetrocking and have begun to mud and tape!

We're almost home!!

Now that people are finding out that we're adopting an older girl from Ethiopia, we have gotten all kinds of responses. These are people that we know a little, like people in Blaine's office building or the stranger at the post office. Mostly, the reaction is, "The world needs more people like you!" or "You are wonderful people!" or "That's such a nice thing to do!" I know all these people mean well and we don't take offense to what they're saying. Honestly, people don't really know what to say. I don't blame them. But, man it's hard to find the appropriate response when they say these things.

That is until yesterday when I came up with "IT". It takes the focus off of us (where we don't want it) and where it should be. I learned it from Rene (from Ghana) who used to live with us before the fire. It says everything we feel in a little nutshell. It sort of halts the praises of us.

It goes like this- "It is our joy."

That's IT. We are adopting Tarikwa because it is our joy to do so. We want her to be our daughter. We are thrilled to have her. We hope she is as happy with us as we are with her. It is NOT a burden. It is NOT a duty. And we most definitely NOT the most wonderful people in the world! It is simply "our joy" to adopt her into our family.

God has led us to adopt her. He's shown us clearly that this is his plan for our family. We have met with much opposition. Fierce opposition, really. But when God clearly tells you to do something, as long as it lines up with scripture (which adoption certainly does!), DO IT and don't let anything stop you.

What a fantastic thing. God calls us to adoption and in responding to this call, we get to be parents! He's entrusted another child to our family and to us to raise for His glory. What a privilege!!

It is our joy!



  1. Love the pics! YAY for sheet rock! It truly is a joy isn't it. ;o)

  2. LOVE it! I hope you don't mind if I use that too - I'm always stumped at what to say when people say things like you are so good, or good for you or whatever. They don't mean anything but it is hard to know what to say back.