Friday, August 28, 2009

Best friends

I can't get my mind off the fact that Bibi and her new daughter are leaving Ethiopia today for the U.S. What an exciting day for both of them! But I also can't help feeling for Miss Tarikwa as she sees her best friend leave her. Will you pray with us that God will be her comfort and that He might send another friend who can put her arms around her and support her? These kids have already been through more than we probably ever will have to endure. I just shake my head when I think of it. Pray that she'll receive our gift bag at the precisely perfect time for her and that it will relieve her grieving heart and give her hope.

I got an updated CD of our house inventory pictures from our restoration company. It includes pictures of everything that they have from our house that is being cleaned and will be returned to us. While looking at these pictures I found precious Bible. I cannot tell you how much I've missed it for the past 6 months!! Seeing it made my heart soar and plummet at the same time. It's in worse shape than I even remembered. That's what you're seeing in the lower left hand in the above picture.

Why didn't I grab it on my way out the door? I saw it sitting on the desk and thought about it. Never in my wildest nightmares did I think the fire would be so bad. I though it would be out in no time and we might have some repair work in the basement to do. No huge deal. Boy, was I wrong!

Blaine's sister, Pam gave it to us for a wedding present 23 years ago. It's gotten lots of use and the duct tape on the leather cover has given it more life. If you were to open the cover to almost any page you'd find writing of some kind. This book is like an old friend. When I look at the pages, I remember where I was when I learned such and such. This book accompanied me to Israel and next to many passages you will find my writing that says, "Been here!" The added writing within it are a wealth of knowledge and memories.

I was given a beautiful new Bible, 2 actually, after the fire. When they were given to me, I cried. What a thoughtful and most needed gift!

But (call me spoiled again) they're not my old friend with the duct tape, extra writing and memories in it. I have found it difficult to find what I'm looking for in these new Bibles. Don't get me wrong, these Bible's are also treasures beyond measure but I miss my old friend. It's been so long now that my heart is actually aching to have it back. I've actually resisted using the new ones because they take effort and I haven't had any extra umph to put forth.

I spoke with the restoration company about the possibility of having it rebound. It obviously sustained water damage which caused the pages to curl. And I know the pages are charred but I don't care. They checked and apparently it is a possibility! It is VERY expensive and is done through the art institute or a museum or something. They would not usually do it for this reason. But I want it done. It is that important to me.

So it looks like my old friend will get a new life after all! I'm so excited and hope it doesn't take too long.

Go hug your Bible!!


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  1. I totally understand the love you have for that bible, it's got 'you' all over it. It's a piece of you. So glad you are going to get it back!
    Huge prayers for Tarikwa and for you.