Monday, April 13, 2009

We had a great Easter spending time with family and celebrating the event in history that means the most to us.  Hope yours was wonderful, too.  

Blaine and I went out to the house to work this morning but it seems like our great restoration company had things under complete control.  We stayed only until noon.  I'm trying to get things situated at Joani's house and Blaine has a company to run, so not having to be there was pretty nice.  

The guys are packing up the savable stuff today in the basement.  The goal is to begin demolition tomorrow.  They'll be close but it might take another day of boxing up stuff before it is all done.  They also have the garage to do.  Yep, each and every socket, hammer, extension cord must be photographed, tagged, boxed and taken back to their facility.  At least we do not have to do that job!  The demo crew was actually taking sheet rock, cabinets and insulation out today on the first and second level.  These guys really do a great job and are such nice guys, too.  They operate much like a family and treat us like family.  Who could ask for anything more?  The owner of the company is coming out to meet us on Wed. afternoon.  How nice is that?

Misganaw is talking a lot about the fire.  On Easter morning at breakfast he said, "Remember when our house was on fire?  And the fire trucks came and the bees put the fire out?"  I was puzzled for a minute but then remembered the firemen wore coats with yellow reflecting stripes on them and in the dark they did look like bees.  How cute is my little boy?  

Blaine and I are very pleased with the progress they are making on the house.  If they keep going at this pace, Blaine says 6 months is not out of the question!  Yea!  That means October.   I can handle that.

Thanks for all your kindness and offers to help.  Thanks for the clothes, books, toys for the kids.  Thanks for the meals...yummm!  Tonight I have to tell you, my sisters friend from work is bringing falafels, cucumber mint salad, homemade hummus and pita chips.  I can HARDLY wait!!!

Here's hoping you're going to have a dinner as yummy as ours.


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