Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Blaine and I are amazed at the progress being made on our house!  We hired a great company and we are so pleased with them.  I suppose the poor economy is only a benefit to us because when everything is so slow we don't have to sit and wait for workers to come.  They are there in full force!  

Misganaw and I went to the Jeep dealership for some service today.  There was an older gentleman who took a liking to Misganaw, who was sitting in his car seat.  Pretty soon, this gentleman had two little stuffed animals in his hands and he was letting Misganaw chose one.  He told me he'd bought several when they were on sale and enjoyed handing them out to the children who came in to the dealership.  I had to tell him that we'd just had a house fire and just how much that little panda bear would mean to Misganaw who had just lost all his stuffed animals.  He was such as sweet man and he had no idea that his 'little' kindness would mean so much to my little boy.  What a great example of how we should show love even to strangers.  

Thanks for the inquiries of how we are doing.  We really are doing fine.  We're still very much appreciating the meals you've been bringing.  :)  The kids are beginning to do better now that I've been able to be home on a more consistent basis.  Routine is helping.  I need to take some more time to get organized here at Joani's.  We finally bought a dresser that Blaine, the two little ones and I will share so our clothes (even though there aren't THAT many yet) aren't all over the floor but in drawers.  Little things like that help with feeling like you have some organization and familiarity over your 'stuff'.  

So in all things we have progress.  Thank God for progress!!


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