Friday, April 10, 2009


What a productive day we had! With the help of Denise, Elyse, Katie, De and Blake (after school) we got the entire first floor and upstairs emptied out AND photographed and hauled into the dumpster! Wahooooo! D adn E both brought cameras and that really helped speed things along. A couple guys from LeMaster came out as well and worked like machines to get done. Monday morning the demo crew will arrive and begin demolition of the first and second floor. I will still need to be there because the pack up crew will be doing the basement and it helps if I'm there. I cannot tell you how relieved to be to the point where we are now. Lots of progress is being made and it's so encouraging. This is serious spring cleaning.

The house is looking and smelling so much better, too. (to us anyway) Our friends and neighbors still walk in and cry but we've gotten used to it and I no longer feel the sadness I did when I first walked in but I can only see progress and possibility.

One cool thing for me is that my kitchen is going to be bumped out by 2 feet. There is very little I'd change about our house except that. Five years ago, it looked so much bigger on paper to me and when the cabinets went in the first time, it shrunk! I'd never, ever have spent the money on remodeling it when it was beautiful and perfectly functional but I really wanted it bigger. The screen porch will also get bumped out by 4 feet. This will be nice to accomodate our ever growing family. We eat dinner out there every night in the summer. LOVE IT!

As I think about today being Good Friday, I remember back 13 years ago when we were in Israel at the place of the scull where Jesus was crucified. Several yards from that spot is the garden tomb where Jesus was buried. Having been there, I will always view this event from a visual perspective, imagining it all in my mind.

I once heard a great sermon on Easter preached by a firey black pastor. He talked about the darkness and horror of the crucifixion and at the end of each dark event he that mentioned, he say, "But Sunday's comin'." By the end of the sermon, he ends up yelling, "But SUNDAY'S COMIN'!" Although a house fire in no way compares to the crucifixion of the Lord, I feel a little like that. It's a dark time now (relatively speaking) for our family, but our Sunday's comin'. Praise God!

By the way, thanks for your prayers regarding my cold/sore throat. By the time I got out to the house, I felt so much better. I did stay in the garage and out of the soot and I know that helped. Just another little miracle. Big to me!

The boys are at their Aunt Pam's today playing and coloring Easter eggs with Aunt Jenny. I know they are having fun with their cousins.

Last night, when I went to lie down with the boys at bedtime, Misganaw was really sad and mopey. I brought him into bed with me for some snuggle time which we have had no time for in the last week. He's a pretty cuddly boy with me usually. He really at that up and he began to talk to me about the fire. He said, "The firemans came and took the fire away. It's really hot. I don't want it to burn me. It will hurt me. The fire might come and burn our house." Comments like these. I was so glad he opened up to me so I could reassure him. I assured him that the fireman put the fire out and it is not burning anymore so it can't hurt him or anyone. He's such a little thinker.

Have a blessed Good Friday. Sunday's Comin'!!


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