Sunday, April 5, 2009

The fire (copied from our old caringbridge site)

Saturday, April 4, 2009 7:44 AM, CDT
I'm posting under caringbridge today since I think most of you will get an email alerting you.
We had a house fire Thursday night. We all got out ok but the house is unlivable.
The smoke alarms went off at 1:30am. Blaine ran out to see if one of the older kids burned a pizza, which they occasionally do. He then ran downstairs and there was smoke coming from our game room and the ceiling was on fire. He then ran to wake Blake and Katie who were sleeping soundly. By the time they got up and turned around to come back upstairs, they literally had to feel their way due to the smoke. We all got out to the car and I asked Blaine if I could go back in to get something. He said to do it quickly. When I walked back into the kitchen, the smoke was so bad I could take nothing.
The fire spread quickly before the fire department was able to get water on it. The damage is extensive and we won't be able to return for approx. 6 months. We are blessed to be welcomed once again to Blaine's moms house. You will remember that we lived here with them for 1 year while we were building the house 5 years ago. This time however, we are not a family of 4, we are a family of 7. We are thankful to have a place to call home.
We went back to see the house yesterday in the daylight. It's so sad. The smoke damage left everything on the main level black. The walls are black, the ceiling is black, the floor is black, the pictures on the walls are black. It looks like a haunted house.
Everything has to be gutted-all the sheetrock must come off, all floors redone, basically everything except the framing (some of that must be redone) and part of the roof needs to be rebuilt.
We left with the PJ's we had on. All our clothes are smoke damaged and unusable. We all have coats, shoes, and I have my purse. Blake has his backpack. I think that's it.
We are thankful to be out alive and safe. Things can be replaced. We have been through worse. Losing a home is bad, but compared to losing a person it is NOTHING.
There are many bright spots. The fire didn't touch our adoption papers for M and M. Blake and Katie's babybooks will be able to be cleaned and were not destroyed. I *think* the boys greencards survived. The paperwork they were in was singed but I think they are ok (I HOPE!). We have good insurance and because Blaine had a "hunch", he just 3 weeks ago (before we left for Cabo) went around the house with the video camera and recorded everything in the house for insurance purposes and put the tape at his office. Praise the Lord for this! We have a place to stay, food and eachother.
I took the older kids to the MOA yesterday to shop for replacement clothes. We all needed everything. We put a small dent in it but are thankful that today, everyone has at least one outfit to wear. More shopping today.
The kids are pretty good for the most part but are having a hard time. Mihiretu and Misganaw keep telling me, "Mommy, I want to go home now." The older feel the same way. Pray for them please.
One of the first things I thought about was..."the adoption." We can't very well have a home study done if we don't have a home. Our adoption will have to be postponed until we get back into the house. We were so hoping to have her home just after Christmas.
I have a strong idea as to 'why' this happened to us. I just don't have the energy to go into it today, but later I will. Let me just say this...We WILL be adopting again.

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